4th DCooperation Collaboration from Bangladesh, Let’s Meet @priyanarc

in dcooperation •  4 months ago

Hello Friends,

Welcome from Bangladesh with DCooperation Collaboration. This is the 4th Collaboration of the DCooperation from Bengali Community. And I'm really happy to do this on behalf of DCooperation. Thanks to @Clixmoney for giving the opportunity.

Let's meet with @priyanarc, who lives in kharkov, Ukraine. She is Bangladeshi and doing her master's there. She is an architect and interior designer. Design is her creativity, exploring and making connection with nature and life is her hobby and writing is her passion. She loves to attract her audience by her perspective and writing. She is a dreamer, a traveller and loves to share her experience with everyone.

Let’s see the 4th DCooperation Collaboration from Bangladesh.

All Ideas from @Clixmoney Founder of @DCooperation.

Thanks all for watching the collaboration.

If you want, you can also Collaboration with us @dcooperation.


DCooperation Discord Link

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thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. It's my first time and i am really so happy that i am part of this community and can represent myself as Bangladeshi from Ukraine. Thank you so much...

It's a nice initiative buddy. Nice collaboration, It was good to know @priyanarc. Making collaboration is a very good method by which we can enhance engagement and get to know each other better.

Keep Up You Work

And keep DTubing @hafizullah
Hope to see more Collaborations from you SooN


Wow. Happy to see another collaboration from Bangladesh. Really nice. Keep up the good work @hafizullah bro and best wishes.

Thank you for sharing your collaboration video with @priyanarc. priyanarc is an inspiration to me that a very beautiful woman has a very intimate career

Thanks a lot @hafizullah for this interview and welcome @priyanarc to our community. ☺


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