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Recently I was attacked by a lot of trolls.

I decided to troll the trolls by this video. lol

Trolls are usually unsatisfied people who can't see others happy and successful.

They try hard to put people down to make them feel angry or mad.

They have fun doing that.

In the video I talked about a few types of trolls that I met on the web.

You can also take a look at this video that is describing ''The Science Of Internet Trolls'' :

Those guys are awesome and doing well on their channel ''AsapSCIENCE'' on youtube.

You can also watch this video from WatchMojo.com showing us more types of trolls in a fun way :

Thanks for watching me. ☺

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Hmm yes I think also these type of trolls are also 'keyboard warriors' hehe

This video was super funny and had so much truth! Great work Clix! :D


Thanks a lot. Yeah capital letters sometimes are helpful. lol Thanks a lot. ☺

Trolls are all over the place. All over social media. From people who just hate certain shows. Projects, people, no matter how hard one works. There will be some troll trying to put a negative energy to everything. Many do it just as they get satisfaction from making people feel sad. It is just a sad part of life. Regardless, I really liked your commentary on this video. Very emotional and straight forward. Thanks for sharing.


You are very welcome. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. ☺

Can’t wait to see this as soon as I get home! Troll the trolls haha good one! Sometimes the trolls crawl out from the bridge they live under 🤣🤣🤣

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Yeah, I'm sure they gonna see this. lol I'm very happy. ☺

Lol i feel like i know what(who) you re talking about 😂😂😂😂


Haha, yeah that was from my heart. :)

I am very happy to see the editing you have done in this video clix :) Trolls are a waste of energy, and energy sink. Best to not dwell on them. lol 3:45 is where I starting laughing out loud. Good breakdown of the types of trolls. I was Entertain[D] by this, check your wallet.


Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the price. :)

this is hilarious!! i get a lot of trolls in one of my groups and this is of course one of my fav emotis. great job on the vid! :)


You are very welcome, I'm glad you like it. :)

Good one!


Thanks. ☺

I've seen stories of trolls that create fictional characters and stories and then try to trick you for whatever reasons. Like the people that are catfishers.

Great video friend!


Yeah, we have to be careful and to not full in their trap. Thanks. ☺

Very cheerful analysis of trolls! I do not like when people are engaged in trolling - I'm always strange: they don't have anything more to use their time?
It seems they have no life, so they actively climb into someone else.
In general, I even feel a little sorry for them (((.


Yeah, they are like that. Sometimes I even feel that they get paid to troll people. They do that so well. lol ☺


Trolling is a real job!🤣🤣

hahahah thanks for the laugh clix!

One rule of thumb I learned when dealing with trolls is that none of them can be reasoned with. They have no common sense :D


You are welcome.

You are right, that's a nice observation, they have no common sense. I like this. lol ☺

@clixmoney, nice video! It is very informative about the trolls.


Thanks a lot. I did my best. ☺

Funny video, thanks for summing it up! I enjoyed watching your d.tube post clix:)

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You are very welcome. Thanks for the nice comment. I will try to make more such videos. ☺


Excellent my friend! Keep it up!

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