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This is maybe the worst video I've ever recorded on @dtube. lol

It's a reply to those who are teaching people about the quality.

Those who want to dictate their rules to dtubers.

Those who want to teach us how to act and how to interact.

Nobody in this world is perfect.

We are all people.

We all can make mistakes.

We are all here improving and learning.

It's a decentralized platform.

Aren't we free ?

Do you know a perfect human being ?

Let's be cool and take it easy. ☺

Thanks for being active on steem blockchain.

Thanks for supporting others and for giving feedback.

Let's show newcomers that we are friendly, polite and ready to welcome more people here.

Let's make the platform perfect. It could be ... .

You can also watch a video from a youtuber who has some experience creating videos :

I like his background because he is in a car, but he also shows us the nature behind him, not only his face. Maybe someone will learn from it and create better car videos. lol

You are always welcome to join our community @dcooperation. ☺

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BIG CLAPS for you ...We are not perfect...Nobody is perfect.. we are learning and we are trying to be better.. We are free and we are trying to improve ourselves daily.. Nothing wrong with that because we are not professional.. and one more thing everyone is free here because that's all @Dtube about making our community better and bigger. This is a platform to make community , help each-other.. thank you for this VLOG.......


You are very welcome. I'm glad you you are inspired. Thanks for the nice comment. Keep learning, keep improving. ☺

It is simply a masterpiece! The first few minutes I laughed to tears!
Crazy hair!
And very important topic. Thank you for this video and for not being afraid to be whо you are, or even a little funnier)))!


haha, yeah @steemitbaby also was laughing lol but after I became boring like hell. lol Thanks for the nice comment. ☺

Hahaha i just saw @soufiani video and you friends share the same thoughts. Well done my friend


Thanks. ☺

@clixmoney, I agree with your step by step contexts there. Anybody not to be perfect and we made more errors still life time. But with assistance more engagement we can grow rich being together. Wise words you told man. I prefer to listen your valuable video. Crazy hair style you firstly arranged Lol. Nice you decided to share your thoughts about Dtubers this time.


I'm glad you like it.

Lol, well . Video is funny. As you are pointing out no one is perfect. Using poorer quality video and angle etc. That is funny, but fits in perfect with topic of the video. Which is good point since this is DTube. Thanks for sharing.

Such an imperfectly perfect video. 😂

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haha, I'm glad you like it. I did my best to make it imperfect. lol ☺

lol clixmoney, you trolling us?


Haha, no, just making fun of some people. Quality can be different. And no one is perfect is a fact. :)

Truly, we are not completely perfect as people, we are human beings with mistake. The way to make new experiences is easy because people make mistakes and mistake makes new experience.
I'm not experienced but independent. And try to gain experience from others. And those who come here are not all experienced, so we should apologize for their mistakes and make the opportunity to move forward for build a great community.
Thanks for share your nice thoughts.


You are welcome. Keep improving, you are doing well. ☺

You are indeed correct and to be honest some of the situation of yours is kinda similar to me as well

While we sure are doing our best and trying to make a difference from our point of view.

Ultimately everyone will find their way in here !!


Of course, everyone is doing it his way and we can't blame those who can't buy a camera or can't do better. They are all trying and this is the most important.

Clix you should have used this one for comedy open mic! It was so perfectly imperfect! So funny! I think Ava and I will have to make a video and do everything wrong.. cover the screen.. sit crooked.. wipe our nose! hehehe it will be so much fun! This was a great video and I hope people also make similar videos to show that even when someone is just being themselves that they are still entertaining and fun to watch!


Thanks, I'm glad you like the video and find it funny. Looking forward for your funny video. lol ☺

Thank you for doing this video. I was also appalled by the level of elitism creeping into DTube. It's the reason I left YouTube in the first place. I worried so much about the videos being "perfect" that I haven't recorded anything in 5 days. That's not good and it's not inviting to anyone. My last video is of me in a van and the rain drowned out my audio. Shrug what am I going to do with that?

But I uploaded it, not for the Steem, but for the community building. And I will continue to do shout out videos and things. I really should have done a reply video explaining "Just be yourself" a bit further.
Thank you for being here.


You are very welcome. I'm glad you like the video. We are all improving and learning something new and it's ok. I hope more people understand that.