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In this video I interviewed @veganroma, he is a very interesting person who lives in Thailand. He is also a professional blogger, so follow him to learn more about what he is recording. He also gave all of you the best tips to grow on steem blockchain, so you just have to watch the video. ☺

@veganroma is also vegan just like my wife @steemitbaby. If you like veganism, follow both because we may also have mutual videos talking about that topic.

Anyone can be in such video, you may just contact me on Our DCooperation Chat. And we can do a similar video. I just want to know :

  • How long have you been on steem blockchain ?
  • Who invited you to steemit or dtube and how you find it ?
  • What do you think about steem blockchain ?
  • What are your skills ?
  • What are tips that you can give to all steemians ?

You can also ask me any questions about steemit or dtube and I will try to answer them.

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I wish I had more steem power to reward both of you more.I will get there but I know you will too.

Thanks a lot, even that power that you have is good, good feedback is also important for us as well. ☺

If you want we can make the same kind of video and I will share it and promote you in my post as well, I will be happy to talk to you as well. ☺

Another great video. There is always great things to learn from your videos...Thumps up!

You are welcome, I am glad that you like it. ☺

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