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DCOMIX is a decentralized webcomics platform. The "dcomix" name came from digital comics. So this project is all about creating your own comics and uploading your work to a dedicated webcomic host where you can earn from it. Just like your Steemit blog, it's a Steem-backed website but you'll have more control and customization features.


DCOMIX, as your dedicated webcomic host, will provide you a webspace where you can publish your comic. Membership is free when you sign up and join as creator or watcher. You will have fully customizable pages, a creator or watcher profile, and your own comic url.

Each DCOMIX webcomic will be categorized according to genre and rank (Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whales).

The notable feature would be comics' monetization. You earn Steem Dollars from your creation. In the near future, you will have badges, tokens, and an e-commerce option for your very own comic shop.


DCOMIX, as a start-up, is assembling a team of coders, content managers, and designers in its early stage to deal with policies, platform development, and the product/service environment.

In our initial set up, we are inviting you to collaborate with us as co-founders, directors, and investors.

As an innovative and collaborative project, we are soliciting for people's support through crowdfunding and raising investment through seed round and delegation.

So we are asking directly for your help to finance the DCOMIX platform.


In this early seed stage, we need 1000 STEEM to kick-start the platform, build with a business model, and pay for coding, designs, marketing and accounting.

To hatch the DCOMIX site quickly and bring in the investors, we have partnered with Fundition.io for community-based funding.

You can also contribute any amount you wish through upvotes, Steem transfer, and paypal.

Have any other recommendations? Let us know and send your proposal to dcomixhub[@]gmail.com


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@dcomix, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

Awesome! @dcomix, I'd like to know more about it and how artists like me could share our creations. Message me please. Thank you.


Will do. Thanks, @artgigs

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Fantastic initiative, and one I'm very interested in! I look forward to seeing a fleshed out project on Fundition with more details. I'll upvote every step of the way and consider delegating some SteemPower if things look good too!


As of now, things are under curation. Looking forward too for any input or feedback. Thank you so much, @bryan-imhoff.

This is very interesting! Are you going to take a cut of every payout like DTube?


Thanks for asking, @minnowforlife. It depends on the sponsors or investors really. So we'll see when the delegation of Steem comes.

Awesome! I would very much like to see this come to fruition.


@sidekickmatt, it's now up to the devs. Thanks for affirming.

Sounds rather exciting :O
Still many grey areas on how it'll be...
Looking forward to future updates! :)


Exciting indeed, @reconstitution. More to come so stay tuned...

Sounds very exciting!! You got my support in helping this getting of the ground


@cobmaximus, thanks for your devotion to Steemit Webcomics. You're the man!


Oh haha thanks, but you're actually the man for making this great initiative happen


@cobmaximus, let's just agree that it's not a one man's project... I'm having a hard time coding with node.js... I'm calling @kingswisdom... haha!


I hope I can help a little bit with some of the coding task in the future too :)


You're a real bro, @cobmaximus.

This is something that interests me too, as an amateur creator of comics ^^


@imaginalex, no such thing as an amateur in the DCOMIX world. Welcome to the club!

Discovering the project thanks to your message. I'm so glad to see something concrete for comics on steemit. It has so much potential.

Having spent the past 7 years make my way through webcomic plateforms, I know you have a market of struggling artists for your interface.

To tell you the truth I was already toying with the idea of making such a site, thinking of layout, looking at how to integrate Steemit, studying other user interfaces.

I see this as a project for the good of the community. I hope there's a chance to get involved. I'm currently finishing up my first graphic novel. I'm usless in code but I'm happy when I have time to help with art, promotion, ideas...

I wish you the very best on this project. I'll be following along for sure. Let's keep in touch. ;-)


Great to have you with us... Keep drawing, @jrej.