Trip to Chiljangsa Temple in Anseong City with My Mom

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Me and my mom went to Chiljangsa temple located in Anseong city which was one and half hour distance from my mom's place.

I didn't go out with my mom for a while. Of course, my mom was happy to look around nice place with me.

The temple where we planned to drop by was a historic place. There was a legend relating to Goryeo Dynasty.

After parking my car, the first architecture waiting for us was a one pillar gate. It seemed to be built not for a long time ago.

My mom was interested in the gate and took a photo of it.

As walking into the temple, I saw a flower, the hollyhock. In Korean language, this flower is called 'Dish Flower', because the flower looked like a dish.


This flower is a symbol of the love between husband and wife in Korea.

Maybe the red and white flower must be a bride and a groom.

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Thanks for sharing, @slowwalker! I enjoyed reading this article! Have a beautiful day, my friend!

In a tree blooming in two colors, such trees are rarely seen on earth. lovely friend @slowwalker

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That gate is definitely iconic I guess that was why your mum was definitely fascinated by it really. And look at those flowers I mean the red and white one that was paired together. It's beautifully done by all means. Nice photography. And I'll like one day to see a photo of you with your mum.

I like the Pictures of The Flowers and everything seems so Peaceful at the place of that Temple........@slowwalker

Hi @slowwalker, it looks very peaceful place with many greens and beautiful flowers, red and white fit to each other very well.

When I saw your picture of the gate I immediately recognised it, your mother painted it 2 weeks ago it looks exactly the the same. I was amazed with the details of the pattern on lower part of roof, how beautifully she managed to paint them. I believe those trips are good for both of you and of course for your mother to have her son and again to return to such beautiful place. I remember reading from her post about Anseong , that is know to be a"the city of masters", the place known for its Art, craft and brassware :)

A great place to visit and relive some great experiences thanks for sharing the beautiful shots

lovely :) In victorian england they would use hollyhocks to mark the toilet's location before indoor plumbing. If you ever see a character in that setting ask "where are the hollyhocks?" they are actually asking "where is the toilet?"

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