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RE: Introducing DCLICK: An Incentivized Ad platform by Proof of Click. - Steem based AdSense.

in #dclick6 years ago
Pay required expenses through STEEM or FIAT Money. FIAT Money will be automatically exchanged to STEEM internally.

You know what this means? Any advertiser will effectively be buying STEEM to buy ad space. Any Steemian using this will thus provide advertisers an opportunity to create upward pressure on the price of STEEM, particularly those with significant traffic such as you. At this point, this opportunity is best suited for monetizing content at least week old.


It’s a fantastic idea !

So if I understood correctly, we can make our own posts through @dclick and the system will put advetisements below our posts? Can the posts we write be about anything? I'm eager to try @dclick as soon as I know how to.

Of course, you can write about any topic :)

Yeah, something along those lines. But I wouldn't want to put off my readers by placing ads in my post at this point. Old posts are a different matter.

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