$7 in Dclick Passive Income, getting paid extra SBD every week for posting ads in my steem posts! (I also run cheap ad campaigns for my own projects using dclick.io)

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Using this link from https://dclick.io @dclick lets you ad Advertisings to your steem posts like this:



You can even get paid to write articles for dclick... https://www.dclick.io/monetize/topicpost


This seems to be a pretty well kept secret on steem. Imagine how much we could use this in TRIBES, we could have SCOT click from @dclick where we burn SE tokens

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The Ceremony of Changing Troops at the Gate of the Last Palace of Chosun Dynasty, Dae Han Mun

Here in this post, I'd like to arrange the posts I w...

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What is this? How do you get an additional 7 sbd a week? I don’t mind getting that

Thanks for sharing this. I'll check it out

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