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I went up the hill by the stairs behind Daeungjeon and found Yeongsanjeon.
Yeongsanjeon is for 16 disciples of Buddha.
The building was not huge. It would have been difficult to build a large building on a small ground on the hill. The appearance of the building was unique.


The lower part of the wall was made of stone.
Most of the traditional Korean architecture is wooden, so the walls are made of soil.
I had never seen a Buddhist building of which walls were made of stones until then.
Occasionally I saw the bottom of a pillar made of stone, but it was rare case to see stones at the bottom of the wall.
To be precise, the walls were made of a mixture of stone and soil.




I wondered why the walls of the building were made of stone.
Korean traditional buildings are made without structural design.
In the past, architects who built houses were called Daemok, they built the structures only with the images in their heads.
No matter how big the building was, they did not draw detailed blueprints.
Thus, all traditional Korean architectures vary in appearance depending on Daemok's insight.
If you look closely at traditional buildings, they all look different.
Discovering such differences is a crucial way to appreciate traditional Korean architecture.

In traditional Korean society, architects who built houses belonged to the lowest social class.
Usually, they were illiterate. They built a house only with experience and feeling.
So every time I see a house, I think of the insight of architects.

Yeongsanjeon was the most interesting building in Bongeunsa Temple.
There were statues of Buddha and 16 disciples in the building.
Ib most temples, the statues of the disciples are smiling.
It seems that those smiling faces are showing the delight of enlightened people.




The Buddha statue of Yeongsanjeon is slightly different from that of other temples.
The Buddha in Daewoongjeon looked holy, but the Buddha in Yeongsanjeon has a normal face and a smile.



The person who made the Buddha in Yeongsanjeon might have found enlightenment in everyday life.


I love hiking up to old temples and other ancient structures. Such a nice experience! Sometimes you get a funny experience though, one time I was exploring a Chinese temple and when you get to the top there is a shop selling miniature buddhas. It was hilarious.

Sometimes, there are souvenir shops in Korean temple either. Haha

good post friend, I like your post best friend

Thank you always! Have a nice day! :)

thank you friend, I hope you are also healthy

Many thanks to you for sharing such beautiful temples with us.!

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Wow a nice temple and beautiful photography!


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Thank you so much :)

Beautiful dear!!

Certainly you are posting very well. I try to read all your posts. Because your posts are so nice to read. I love your post very much. Especially I like the new temples in your many articles. From your post I find many wonderful temples pictures. You are the best photographer my dear brother @slowwalker. Keep it up dear... 💚💚

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정말 아주 아름다운 사원 .. 불상도 매우 아름답게 보입니다.

Thank you so much! Your Korean is so good!

Such a grest snd colorful place ^^ .. this way everything looks far more happier ;)

Right! It was such a beautiful and peaceful place :)

Wow that's something i could have never seen in my life thanks to you for going there and sharing it !

Thanks for reading it :) Have a great day !

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@slowwalker, Exactly Yeongsanjeon is so awesome building. Also this hall exceeded traditional Korean's architectural process. Yeah....after followed you, I never seen any kind of hall which walls were made of stones from your posts. It's new thing to me and others. Both soil and stone mixture gave brilliant scenery to eyes.In this post you;ve shared Daemok's something and How old buildings made via daemok's images of mind. Buddha and 16 disciples were made nicely. Awesome captures with perfect explanation.

Thanks for represent overall nice

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Thank you so much! :)

Thank you for reading it!

Beautiful temples, @slowwalker🌺❤️ thanks for sharing with us! Have a fantastic weekend!🌺🤙

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Greetings @slowwalker,

I understand that all these buildings are part of a complex located in the center of the modern city of Seoul. Excellent reference on the uniqueness of this temple with respect to traditional architecture. Very interesting...

On the other hand, I share the question of @davedickeyyall: Why do the statues have such big ears? I suppose it is to indicate to us the quality of good listening is typical of the enlightened ones.

Thank you very much for sharing your work of documenting Korean culture.

In the past days, people of high rank wore many ornaments. The earrings were large and heavy, causing the earlobe to sag naturally. Thus, people regarded those who had sagging ears as nobles or royalty. In order to express the noble Buddha, the Buddha's ear was made big. However, your guess also makes sense! Thank you for your comment :)

The walls made of soil and stone are very colorful and beautiful.
The statues of Yeongsanjeon are so colorful too.

I think the Daemok of the past who built buildings with their own thoughts are great.

Right! The Deamok had such an incredible talent!

I am a follower of yours, All the photography I have seen and I have one question in my mind....How many country have you visited nowadays?
I know you love tourism.......

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I've been to Europe and Japan in the past, but I usually travel to the province of Korea nowadays. If I have a chance, I want to visit more countries in the future! Thank you for following my blog! Have a nice day :)

Thank you for reading it and leaving your comment!

I resteem your post amazing photography

Thank you so much! Have a lovely day! :)

Dumb question.. but why do they make the ears so big?

In the past days, people of high rank wore many ornaments. The earrings were large and heavy, causing the earlobe to sag naturally. Thus, people regarded those who had sagging ears as nobles or royalty. In order to express the noble Buddha, the Buddha's ear was made big.

Thank you so much :)

So beautiful. I LOVE It.

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Thank you :) Have a great day!!

Hi slowwalker
again very nice pictures
Thank you very much
I'll give you a positive rating
have fun with it
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Nice to see you again! Thank you always!

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