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RE: To Downvoters and my ex-followers, I'd like to continue my blog

in #dbloglast year (edited)

I feel the same way. They are downvoting me and Specifically mentioning the reason is voting for you and then you voting for me. I have no idea whether you like my posts but I really like yours. I will not vote you anymore which is a shame and cancerous to Steemit in my opinion. I don’t blame you if you want t power done em and then dump coins when the prices rises a little, at least you will have them liquid to do so. This place has be come to centralized and a few dictators now decide who is god and who is bad because they have the power of massive delegates. It’s a shame because I feel people like me and you along with many others help keep this place alive with good content, not some bullshit activfit post or battle scores from drug wars or Steem monsters.....real content that helps bring users. Don’t vote for me anymore either because the fanboys will downvote both of us no matter what we do. I deleted every person on my voting bot, quit voting myself once a day and stay still hit my posts with downvotes. It’s a small group of people not control this platform. I actually think youtube is less centralized than Steemit right now. Good luck, I have considered powering down myself.