DBD Challenge: Day-4

in dbd •  6 months ago

It's DAY-4 of this cheesy challenge by @ewuoso aptly tagged "Don't Be Deceived". Well, very slowly and steady, I am getting to the finish line.

The "Don't Be Deceived " Challenge.

DAY 4 - Don't Be Deceived, any one can own a
"Pocket Biro"

Image Source

It is another random image for the DAY-4 challenge....😁 (Naughty me....I know)

For today, I'd be nominating @cyprianj, @rharphelle, @mopelola, @bat-junior and @creativity101 for the challenge.

from the original post are simply repeated below:

  • Post a picture each for seven days

  • Use dbd as tag

  • Post anything you like, food, drink, gadgets etc

  • Have fun

  • Have fun

  • Nominate 5 people each day.

Note that there is no guaranteed curation, it is just for fun.

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Lol..... That was really funny @rickie

I had to check again to see. Transmission is coming for u.

I had to recheck it like twice to see it. Ha.