DBD Challenge: Day-1

in dbd •  6 months ago

.....And while I've been struggling with off-line issues over the past few days and trying hard to "keep up with the challenges" on #steemit, another interesting challenge just popped up.

"Don't Be Deceived " Challenge.

I've certainly lost count of the various nominations I've received to participate in one challenge or the other, but this very one is quite silly, funny and seems like real fun.

I hope to find time to participate in the other challenges I've been nominated for; but thanks to @illuminatus for nominating me for this weird challenge started by the very enigmatic @ewuoso.

Ok, here goes.

DAY 1 - Don't Be Deceived, anyone can own a
Red Plastic Chair

from the original post are simply repeated below:

  • Post a picture each for seven days

  • Use dbd as tag

  • Post anything you like, food, drink, gadgets etc

  • Have fun

  • Have fun

  • Nominate 5 people each day.

Note that there is no guaranteed curation, it is just for fun.

I'd be nominating @turpsy, @eriq, @odochydanielle, @nigtroy and @elizabethh for this challenge.

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Haha, I see it's going to be a fun challenge Lemme see how deceptive I can be


I like the word deceptive

I really like this entry. It took some seconds b4 i could see the chair and that is what makes it fun

Haaa, this nomination will have to come with price tags o. 10 sbd per nomination. Lol. Nice challenge. Maybe we will see the challenge of "shey o mo age mi ni"

I'm still looking for the chair oo

Can i get some fruit please?