My message to David Hogg about how to deal with Bullies

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt Me

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Film Summary

This is my short periscope rant about the message this kid's parents forgot to teach this David Hogg character who has been the cause of mass censorship on youtube. Including my own channel and access to YouTube at all which was revoked for calling this kid's shitty acting skill out. It's not my fault he can't remember his lines and he blows as an actor. If he doesn't want to be reviewed for his public performance then don't make public performances.

Furthermore the mainstream media is exploiting children suffering from PTSD (if the official narrative is to be believed), by using the to spread political propaganda. This is the exploitation of mentally ill people, and that is illegal.

So David Hogg, when you feel butthurt by all the people calling you out, simply, repeat after me:

"Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

Unsurprisingly your ex FBI father sucks so bad at parenting that he never taught you this. You are welcome. Furthermore no amount of whining will change what is written in the 2nd Amendment. "Shall not be infringed", learn to read.

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Oh no! David Hogg is offended! Quick! Burn the constitution!

Titus, did you happen to see Wolfgang Halbig’s analysis of the event? He makes great points as to how (if the mainstream story is correct) the school administrators were incredibly negligent and put these kids in harms way. It’s unbelievable how they are quick to blame a gun but not hold the adults accountable for not being competent. Also, 17 people were killed and not 1 lawsuit has been filed. In the district where I’m at, if someone breaks a bone in PE class, that building is sued instantly.

I never trusted this douche waffle for one second. Funny thing is this time they tried to cover their past mistakes, up. Oh he's a journalist ok, Sheriff says they may never release the video, just nice and upfront. Not that we expected it, It also seems like they may have tossed in some trail bait, so they them selves can say they expose truths. But what gets me is the teacher saying he was in swat gear. I'm still screaming release all the video. Like that will ever happen.


Also i see what you mean Dean, when your passionate about something you can make mistakes but it still rolls off the tongue and cuff, what we saw was trying to be perfect. At any rate its disingenuous to say the least.

nice post


You trully said my dear friend,Sticks and Stones May Break our Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt we.

Sir pls help me i can not play your video.
pls solve this problem


yaah you are true! you give great message to David Hogg about how to deal with Bullies! it true ! thank you titusfrost is your chanel get solve on youtube!

Titus congrats on making on to the Bloomberg article!
Hopefully the exposure on that will get your channel reinstated. Many other channel are getting their accounts back. Goodman deserved every word of video and it was criticism not bullying.
Keep up the good work!


They won't reinstate me and every time I sign up for a new google account they block me.


total bullshit!! I'm having fun unsubscribing to all my screwtube channels ( about 80 or so). Those who are on steemit, Dtube I will continue but will eventually have zero subscriptions on YT- and many had nothing to do with truthers. Stay strong Dean we are with you!


Are they picking up your IP address? Have your fiancé create an account.
RFB got a lawyer, YouTube reinstated his account and removed all strikes.

hey you are true but i think words hurt the most sticks and stones can just your body but the words broke your heart and hurt more then stones :)


Names don't hurt if you are strong and know what scum your dealing with,i can only be hurt by someone i care for.


you are very true my friend

Yeah this kid is using a tragic suspicious event to set himself up. He already reminds me of a politician. The coaching is so obvious and you are right hes a shitty actor. Seriously people if you do not stand up for your freedom and rights then one by one they will be stripped away. We now have powerful people manipulating the system and confusing the shit out of kids. Its a shame and its dangerous. Someone could call me every name in the book and I'm not going to give a fuck, they are entitled to their opinion. Just because someone says or thinks something doesn't make it true. The best way to deal with bullies is to ignore them and walk away. If they put hands on you then punch them in the nose. As you get older you learn that bullies are mostly just hurt lonely kids that have shitty parents, a lot of the time they are just passing along the issue they themselves have. In personal experience there are 3 ways of dealing with abrasive people. You can walk away and not listen or involve yourself, you can talk it out and possibly make a friend, or you can punch them in the nose once an they wont bother you again. Most bullies are just hurt scared kids that need guidance. Raising kids right is a very hard job and there are way to many parents out there that just cant hack it, or worse and are the main problem.

this appears to be exceptionally energizing and fun, much obliged for sharing.

I think it would be better for Steemit and your channel to post your videos here at first and after 4-5 hours to YouTube, so they'll get more attendance here..


No, he is a content maker and they need every click, i think youtube itself is making dtube and bitchute grow due to really poor policy and then they keep blaming it on glitches or rogue actors among the moderators.
This past few weeks i have seen many content people saying they are coming onto steemit and dtube. It's only good news for us now.

My sediments exactly...


What a concrete evaluation you make there, solid as stone!

To parents everywhere.

In quick passing I noticed that MSM really sucked this up. It's overwhelming.

No tears from the mother ,just a fat ugly face,look at the size of her mouth,yuuch.

Well said @titusfrost...... Good Parental teachings are really important.
Love this your aspect that goes thus

Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me".

Lovely update. That periscope video was awesome. Kudos!

this seems very exciting and fun,
thanks for sharing.

I wouldn't have been more pleased reading this post. I'm reading your post for the first time and I had to go to others to read them. Truth be told, you nailed it and you've impressed me to improve my writing skills.
As regard this post, the line
"Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a whole lot motivational.
Thanks for being a light to a minnow like me

It's absolutely unbelievable that people buy any of this crap. The acting is absolutely horrible. People's eyes are closed.