How to Get Girls to Notice You? 6 Simple Tips to get noticed by Women

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Most men fail miserably when it comes to getting noticed by Women. If you are some one having trouble attracting women, my tips below should help you.

"You will never get a second chance to make a first impression"
~ Will Rogers
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What Qualities in Men can attract Women

How to get noticed by Women? What are the Qualities in Men that attract Women? As per Wikipedia, a first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. First impressions are often hard to change. So it is very important for the man to create a great and lasting first impression. There are some qualities which can help a man to get noticed by a woman. Given below are six easy Tips Men can use to impress Women.

  1. Dress to Impress: It is said ‘first impression is the best impression’. Always look presentable when in a place you might meet women or they might see you. A pleasing, presentable and well groomed personality attracts women. Men who are unhygienic or having Body Odor are huge turn offs.
  2. Outstanding Manners: It is said ‘Manners make Man’. Women like those who are friendly, caring, thoughtful, considerate, respectful to others and have good communication. Every woman wants to be treated like a lady sometimes like open the door for her, pulling out chair for her etc. Rude and uncultured guys do not attract women. Women like classy and cultured guys.
  3. Intelligence and Confidence: Women like men who are intelligent and confident and talk with ease on any topic. Women like men who are outgoing. She likes it when you can make her laugh without looking like a clown.
  4. Keep your Promises : It is said that a gentleman keeps his word. Never be late for a date or make her wait. If you are going to be late it is a gentlemanly thing to call her and inform about it or try to re-schedule the date if possible.
  5. Good Listening skills: Good Communication skills and pleasing mannerisms attract Women. They do not like it when men keep on talking without giving time for her to talk or cutting her between talk. Guys who lend an ear are appreciated by women than those who do not care or respect her feelings enough to hear what she has to say. Make sure you maintain eye contact as you listen to her and make her know by simple gestures that you are indeed listening.
  6. Compliments: Who does not like compliments? If you like something about your woman compliments her. However, let the compliments do not look like made up or insincere. Genuine Compliments can do a lot in relationship building.

I can assure you, if you follow the above Tips, you are not only going to get the attention of Woman but her devotion as well.


I met a woman the other day. Nailed #2 #3 and #5. To early for #6 and #4. Failed miserably on #1, ( I was unshaven and dressed like a bum because I recently done a lot of mechanical work, I dont dress nice for that kind of work). But theres a good chance I might see her this weekend, so I will be ready this time, even though I have no clue if she has any interest.

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