DASH Reddit Censorship and Some Thoughts

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I wanted to talk about some of the censoring going on in the #dash subreddit. Yesterday I pointed out the fact that the reddit user Basilpop, aka Macrochip whose real name is David decided to make the moderator logs private. I tried to explain to other reddit users exactly why he did this, (it was because I called him out a month previously on some questionable moderating he enforced), and for that I was banned from participating in the subreddit.


I was heavily involved in DASH from March 2014 to end of 2016. I volunteered a lot of my time to the project and I never asked for anything. I know a lot of the people involved and have seen DASH grow from nothing to what it is today. But I believe what people from the outside are seeing is an illusion.

DASH governance has some major issues and is highly centralized. It is not a solution to the governance problem Bitcoin faces. It is a way for large DASH holders to get more DASH. The entire DASH system is set up so early adopters and people who participated in the instant mine will continue to get more DASH. DASH Was once a promising project which focused on anonymity and governance. The creator of DASH Evan Duffield probably owns at least 300 masternodes (300,000 DASH) my assumption is that he owns even more. Let's say Evan owns 300 Masternodes that are earning him on average 2 dash each per week. That's 600 Dash per week and 1200 every two weeks (it takes 1000 DASH to run a masternode). The DASH community justifies this by making claims such as, "Evan has put in the work and deserves the money because a highly skilled c++ developer can make at least 100k per year." That's great and all but at the current price per DASH and the possibility Evan holds a large number of masternodes it would be safe to assume he's now a millionaire. You be the judge. Would you want to join a project with a highly questionable launch and a governance system which benefits the people who were part of the questionable launch?


Im no DASH enthusiast, and I think you had some decent points that could be defended or argued, but attacking Amanda over her looks just kind of makes you look immature, its also pretty sexist. Her looks or lack thereof are irrelevant.

When I first published this the ban was fresh and I was lashing out a bit. I agree with you and I've removed any personal attacks, although I think steemit posts are logged in the blockchain forever so who knows. Anyways the revised version should read much better, my apologies.

Amanda B. Johnson isn't even hot

Hahahaha! This is the point where I stopped reading.

I've removed that portion of the article, it was unnecessary.

The whole point is that you don't seem to be interested in uncovering anything, you are just disgusted and will say whatever to have the result you want, which apparently is for people not to like Dash. I was very much interested in any criticism of Dash until you touched that key, because even a gay dude can sense that heat.

I've uncovered plenty I don't need tommycordero or joe shmo from steemit to give a shit for me to be satisfied. I've shared little bits if you have follow up questions about what I've shared great.

Well thanks for letting us know. If Dash has treated you so badly, why not just sell when you can actually profit by doing it now? Why would you want to hold 1000 tokens for a scam project?

So the truth finally comes out:

Is it?

I own 1000 DASH and would prefer the price continues to go up

Or is it?

I owned more than 1000 dash at one point and have cashed out already

I'm very confused!

early enough to profit and feel comfortable holding 1000 tokens I could care less about

I'll get a wallet to hold them for you since you could care less. I even promise to split 99 to 1 in your favor so I can save you the trouble of sleepless nights for contributing to a scam.

monero community

Hard at work, I see.

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I pretty much have to agree. Though it's your choice whether to take part in Dash or not.