I was wrong 😪 I can admit it

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Thank you to the Dash team for reaching out and showing support for my project.

I'm still looking at different options to fund this project. I will be making more videos in the upcoming weeks evaluating each one.

Thank you to everyone that has offer to volunteer.

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Man thanks for all the good effort you are doing for helping people in my country!...
Actually steemit is doing an amazing job at giving Venezuelans crypto adoption, you would be amazed to know how many of us are here and been adopting crypto thanks to this platform!...
I know many people here that are quitting their jobs just to full time blog here... I actually could do the same thing, my actual job as a full time teacher in the UCV (most important Venezuelan university) roughly pays me the equivalent to 1.5 SBD a month...

First of all that's awesome!
The only problem I see is that the amount of Steemit Accounts is extremely limited and it would take decades to get all Venezuelans on Steemit. If you want to help everybody a traditional cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Dash is needed because the number of Wallets for those currencies is unlimited. And the main reason why Dash is better than Bitcoin for Venezuela is that transaction fees are under $0,01.
Do you want to try out Dash? If yes post a Dash address and I can send you some, your music is cool. :D
Here is a list of Dash accepting businesses in Caracas: https://discoverdash.com

I'm really excited about this!
Did you know that over 100 merchants from Venezuela are already accepting Dash?
Many of those, but not all can be found here: https://discoverdash.com

David, I'm really excited about your commitment to helping people in Venezuela! Keep on doing what you are doing! You have gone a long way since you had the idea six days ago! I am convinced you will be successful.
I have the impression that the percentage of Venezuelan people on Steemit has also skyrocketed in the last weeks. And I think that Steemit can also help them getting some crypto.
CU, Chris

Great initiative, David! You have really good intentions and commitment to help the people in Venezuela!
I wasn't aware about the great potential and what Dash actually does. Now I want to buy some Dash!

Dash is also funding the charity organisation Dash Cares. At the moment they are rebuilding houses in the Mexican earthquake region: https://thecryptoshow.com/dashcares/


This is awesome!! I will check it out! Thanks :)


Great work David. I hope you succeed in helping people in Venezuela. This initiative will definitely help in spreading awareness about the power of cryptocurrencies and thus help in its mass adoption.

I did a review on Dash recently, its not all good, although most of my criticism came from their dodgy beginnings. I do think Dash is a decent option for what you are trying to do, Decred and PIVX both have treasury systems you could try and I prefer Decred to Dash. I also think Steem could be quite a good option if you can get your hands on the Steem somehow. Maybe start a "help Venezuela" account and people can go and upvote/donate to it and every time you get a full steem you give it to a new person?

Hi David,
I have been thinking about your appeal and am willing to help if I can.
I have 2 ideas both of which are probably not practical but here goes.

If people use the Brave browser they earn BAT tokens and can use these to reward bloggers on youtube. I recently sent some BAT tokens to you for the good information/analysis you put out. Could you encourage poeple to use the Brave browser for all their internet use and then send their BAT token rewards to you who can then convert the BAT tokens into Dash or other crypto and then help people with that income stream?

Secondly, there is new crypto out called Dbrain which is aimed at helping give an income to people in developing countries who live off 2 dollars a day. Could this be included in the financial workshop that is given to people in Venuzuela?

As the webiste points out,''Do simple tasks on image labelling and validation, get apid instantly in Dbrain coins (DBR) and withdraw your earnings anytime''.

I had a go at one of the labelling tasks and earned 62 cents for 20 minutes work. To people in the West that would not be worth getting out of bed for but if you are living off 2 dollars a day then that would reaaly help.


Anyway, those are a couple of ideas.
Kind Regards

hey @davidhay, any chance you could do a video of the ICO XDCE?

At last got round to joining steemit and sought out your channel. So pleased can help pay towards your videos, as opposed to corporate youtube!

Keep it up :)


@davidhay check out his vid at 47 seconds in.

I'm inspired by your social entrepreneurial spirit. The 🔥 is raging!

I follow many opinions about crypto, some are good, some are bad. But you have something that others don't have, honesty and a human guy. Those things make the diference for me, even more when you came up with this social economics business plan. Congrats

watching with my new steemit account love this vid

Just bought some dash, great to see crypto grow to help as many Venezuelan people as possible

Just Discovered d Tube and wondering why youtube is still out there! This is So cool

Awesome video again. Great how you support Venezuela and your family!

I'm not sure crypto can amend the current situation because the situation is the result of international pressure.
But I honestly wish it could help at least some view of poor Venezuelan.

This video and this idea of helping the world through crypto is amazing, encouraging, and DASH's involvement through their community development fund is brilliant.

I dont own any DASH but im buying some following this video because I love that they have a culture and a heart for growing crypto generally.

Love it!

Upvoted and resteemed.

I can't imagine how this will turn out but I totally love your attitude about this. Rather than just talking, more people need to get out and DO, and this doesn't just apply to crypto in the slightest.

I'll give you a resteem to my 1500 followers, most of them are minnows here but hopefully it'll get passed on.

Finally steemit account created! woo..

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