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Tonight at 6:30 pm we welcome you to another edition of our Private Key meetup. This time it will take place at Café Hubraum, Winterfeldtstraße 21 in Berlin Schöneberg. Thanks to Flora, Tim and everyone at Hubraum for letting us use their awesome venue!

Picture by Flora Wießner

All talks will be in German. But even if you haven't learned the language of the "poets and thinkers" yet, please come anyway. You can meet other people who are interested in cryptocoins, ask questions, trade good hard cryptocurrency for virtual paper money and


The first 50 people will get 20 MilliDash (= 0.02 Dash, that's about 6.60 USD today) for free. You need a Dash wallet on your mobile phone, which you can download for free at Apple's App Store (for iOS) or Google's Playstore (for Android). The only condition is that you let us take a picture of you holding your Dash wallet with the newly owned Dash and give us and the Dash Force team permission to use this picture.

Jan Meyer from Dash Force Germany will give an introductory talk about Dash and explain the differences between Dash and Bitcoin. Moritz Bierling from Neufund will talk about the challenge to set up an ICO in Germany. And I will present my new book Cryptocoins - Investing in Digital Currencies

Picture by Andrea Koenig

By the way, the picture on my jacket is a honey badger, Bitcoin's notorious mascot. It was hand-painted by Fabiola from 42denim. If you like it, you can order one from her by sending an email to [email protected] 

If you want to join us tonight, please register here.

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Oh! Dash see you this month end at $500.


Definitely a realistic goal

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can i dash in Bitcoin?Answer will be higly appreciated.


You mean buy Dash for Bitcoin? Probably yes, if you find someone who wants to buy Bitcoin for Dash. Just ask around.


No. i wanted to ask that can i convert dash into bitcoin?


If you find someone to do it, yes. Otherwise, just use Shapeshift.


Thanks you.


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Mit mindenstens 6 Stunden fahrt, Stau nicht mitgerechnet, werde ich es leider nicht Schaffen. Wie wäre es mit ein live Verbindung?


Ich werde das Buch auch in Essen, München, Wien und anderen Städten vorstellen, mehr Infos in Kürze.

Schöne Aktion, kann leider nicht da sein, wünsche aber viel Erfolg!

Ich wünschte ich könnte auch teilnehmen, aber Berlin ist doch ziemlich weit von mir entfernt....

@aaronkoenig Masses of knowledge. Many thanks. Resteemed.
Sharing to have this witnessed far more (and perhaps open up the eyes of some)! Thanks for the properly put up and documented report! Resteemed.

@aaronkoenig Excellent submit and very insightful. Have learnt a whole lot from it. Resteemed.
This is really some remarkable perform! Resteemed.

is it possible to convert Dash in Btc...?

Dash will keep moving. Nice event you guys are having, GL!

@aaronkoenig thnx for putting this information all with each other. Followed.

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Oh gosh I would go there if I was in Germany... :(

Nice one for those who can speak, read and write German language.