The hunt platform 2 [Review]

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months ago i wrote about the hunt platform on medium so i'll advise before looking into this you should check it out here

thanks to @steemhunt team for making these images availabe for free use

In the hunt platform 1, I focused more on the only branch of the project which is currently a working project already and which I think is, and will always be the motherboard of any other plan or project under the hunt platform.
So today we'll be focusing on other projects under the hunt platform, what are the plans behind them? and why should we consider buying the decentralized idea of the team behind the hunt platform, so first on the list here is the;

Review hunt


Review hunt is a branch of the hunt platform which i have personally not given that attention in terms of what is the boom? or why will i be fascinated about the whole plan here, not until the hunt site was undated some months ago then i got the idea behind the Review hunt.

Makers/companies spend an enormous amount of time/efforts to raise attention from early adopters because their word of mouth impact is exceptionally high. With Reviewhunt, it's never been easier for makers to attract early-adopters by offering newly launched products with large discounts or bounties in return for quality reviews that will boost up their launching buzz.

So from the above words on quote, I got from the hunt platform's website looks like the prime aim of the review hunt is to deal with a very vital part of getting a product into the market, which is the HYPE
No doubt, 80% of the gadgets we own or foodstuffs we consumed got to us through the hype, yea…!, cause it's trending or its whats everyone it's consuming you'll want to have a bite or get those gadgets on your fingers without even reading the cons or checking on the contents.

Back to the review hunt, in order to hype, most startups and companies spend hundreds of dollars to media influencers for brand promotion, which they are not even sure of getting a positive response from the targetted audience or getting patriots to test out their product.
Then in this kind of scenario that's where the reviewhunt has a very huge role to play, with the reviews from the "alpa nerds" which would gain the first-hand usage of the product as an early adopter(acting as the incentive) or get the product for half the price or more depending on the company's marketing strategy.

In addiction, I think the reviewhunt is creating a new window for the makers and early adopters to socialize more and hear what they think about of there product right from the horse's mouth



Crowdfunding is definitely not something new to any of us, even from basic classes in schools most of us have found ourselves in crowdfunding scenarios.

Someone once said "if your business isn't on the internet then you're going off business", yeap which is quite through but now the aforementioned quote just got upgraded to "in your business isn't on the blockchain then you're going off business", quite plausible now cause of how slowly the world is adapting to the blockchain tech.

The Ideahunt will be the final phase of the hunt platform which focuses on crowdfunding by NFT (Non-fungible token) Transactions, as been stated on the hunt platfrom site they adopted the NFT idea cause its the only way to surpass the centralized crowdfunders which don't care about the value of the product in terms of price or how good or bad the stock market is?
I think this will be my first time of witnessing NFT process cause I've heard alot about how it took cryptokitties to the mainstream.

In conclusion i would say the decision of the hunt platform team and the way issues are being handled have been awsome all these while of me being a hunter, thumbs up team!!

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