What can you say about Dclick's "proof of click"?

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Proof of click is a very good idea but there are some technical limitations. It's very hard to track ad clicks because of steem "privacy/security settings".

But they solved the problem good by giving upvotes as a compensation for clicks that may be fraudulent. Let's say you spend 5 sbd on ads. Then you get 5 sbd advertising budget + they will upvote your posts for 5 sbd worth - curation rewards. So the only cost of your ads are the curation costs. That's a good deal.

As a content provider i think it's also interesting because you can get extra revenue when people click on the dclick ads on your post apart from the normal post payouts. 


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I used dclick already for some ads and it seems like a pretty nice deal to get the same amount as dclick token.


What ads did you run?
These are my ads that i'm currently running:



I think some cryptocurrency related things will have good conversions...

Or things about steemit like magic dice, steem monsters, ...

What do steemians have in common? They all are interested in steem and cryptocurrencies.


Yeah, refferal links for new projects seem to be a very nice idea. =)