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“The first principle of designing the
DAO stack was not to build a
specific protocol or a specific
application, but rather to build the
soil, the ground from which a whole
ecosystem can grow and thrive.”

Matan Field - DAOstack architect & CEO

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Corruptibility is very common in every companies and organization which leads to a bad reputation and insolvency. In order to solve this issues, honesty is the best ingredients. However, how can you assure incorruptibility? How can you trust your company that will grow its economy and the reputation? Here's a new solution to avoid the said corruption that enables your company or organization to a scalable mission.

Learn about the DAOstack project

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) is a blockchain governance that was launched last April 2018 and it was developed by Israel team. It is powered by Ethereum. They provide the super scalable and reliable system for more efficient and grant all the users to put their protocols in the blockchain using smart contracts. It is created to avoid a disorganization between the company and customer and to eliminate corruptibility.

DAO wants to change the way of companies and organizations by undergoing the process of transitions from the startup to a big company in the future. They want to improve the company or organization by growing the system, uncompromising, building trust and interact with all the members.

Here are the tools of DAO ecosystem:

The ARC is dubbed "the Wordpress of DAOs." It is a framework that allows the application of DAO to companies and organizations. The reason it is compared to Wordpress is due to its modular nature, allowing easy deployment of DAOs.

is a registry that will contain data on all DApps and DAOs built atop of the DAOstack. It will allow for easy communication and networking between the individual components of the DAOstack economy.

Most well-known websites and application have APIs. These APIs allow for more efficient integration of other applications. For DAOstack, Arc.js will allow developers easy of access to develop applications without having to know the native smart contract language - Solidity.

Alchemy is the user interface. This is what the users and developers will interact with on DAOstack.

DApps & DAOs
These are the final outputs of the platform. Utilizing all the tools mentioned above will allow the DAOstack to be an entire ecosystem of DApps and DAOs

Some potential cases are;

  • Collaboration is to contribute their individual ideas, talents, and knowledge to work together in big companies to achieve their common goal in order to produce the good value of the project.
  • Shared ownership involved in assets and allocations such as;

Venture funds
Imagine Decentralized Versions of:
Charitable funds
Pension funds
Insurance networks
Real estate investment collectives

  • Curation networks curate all the good quality of the companies either in social media, internal market or restaurant that was rank by the crowd to level up to an exceptional level of success.

The method of votes power to avoid incorruptibility are proposals, reputations, boosted proposals, quiet ending, boosting stacks, promotions, and ranking system. These are another voting system for scalable and efficient of a blockchain governance.

The advantage of DAOs compare to traditional organizations is the elimination of corruption in the corporation or organization using the methods and strategies to put the protocols in the blockchain, while a traditional organization is not transparent enough to show the value of the company. Gaining trust and reputation is not easy, so with the DAOs new ideas it will controll all the programmable system.

The DAO token is GEN which are decentralized cooperative and curations network. The benefits of DAOs and DApps is the value of token that they get from the contributor user of the network. The more value they have, the more incentives they get.


Meet the team who contributed their skills and knowledge to achieve their common goal.
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Note: All images credit to DAOstack


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