Dance: Those are the days!

in dance •  last year

I love dancing and if i feel lonely i get up dress up make myself feel better and start dancing. I had some dance video that i keep and save I would like to share it here.This video is taken 6 yrs ago ahaha when i was younger. Im not a good dancer but this help me go through my sadness before. It was my therapy and keeping myself fit.

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Regards, @moonchazer

The dance is very good therapy!

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Ooh thank you for the feature!!@teardrops I see it! I appreciate it so much.. I check more about and your post..

Woooow! What a fantastic surprise, i have not heard this before


Thanks my friend! Maria del bario by Thalia shes famous Mexican singer and artist.

Wow! I can say, you really have the dancing skills and talent. Keep it up kabayan.


ayayay! @josephbuarao thanks kabayan :)