Cymbals Solo - Bellydance - Solo de chinchines

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Here is a cymbals solo - for those of you who are not into bellydance, cymbals are elements similar to the Spanish"castañuelas" which are used to create music by the dancer. It is the only case when the dancer creaters his or her own music and dances to it. I am pretty new at using cymbals, so here goes my first try!

Les dejo un solo de chinchines (o también los pueden conocer como crótalos) - para aquellos que no estan metidos en el mundo de la danza arabe, los chinchines o crótalos son un elemento parecido a las castañuelas con el que la bailarina o el bailarin crean la música. Al bailar con este elemento, el bailarin o bailarina crean su propia música y la bailan. Soy bastante nueva con los chinchines, asi que espero que les guste este primer intento!


Nice video!
I've sent you 8 STEEM for Dance party 4.
You could share this video for Dance contest week 169 or Dance party week 5.

Hi @amazona06 I think you did a great job here using those cymbals and the idea of a dancer who plays while dancing to the music really inspires me greatly. What if I offer an original /belly dance type /piece of music written by me and ask you to dance to it WITH the cymbals? Maybe my next dance contest... Do you think it`s a good idea?

Thank you!! That would be great!! Usually the cymbals, when there is music already, are used a bit here and there, not during a whole song, but I would totally love to see what I can come up with your music!! :) seems a great idea!! :)

Great! Lets do it then. My next dance contest will be called ORIENTAL WEEK /starting tomorrow or on Monday/Im ready with the music, I`ll tag you when I announce it

that sounds great!! I'll try to catch up during the week otherwise the next weekend I'll dance to it!

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