World Renowned Humanitarian Peter Dalglish Arrested on Suspicion of Pedophilia

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EARCOS GIN Bali 2016   Peter Dalglish   YouTube(2).png

In what is becoming an all too familiar story, another charity worker has been arrested in connection with child sexual abuse.

On April 8th, world renown Canadian humanitarian Peter Dalglish was arrested in Nepal on suspicion of pedophilia.

At the time of his arrest at a home in a northern district of Kathmandu, Dalglish was in the company of two minor Nepalese girls, one 12 and the other 14 years of age. According to the CIB (Central Investigation Bureau) of the Nepal Police who made the arrest, the two girls were “rescued” from the home and that they had been lured with promises of education and travel abroad before they were sexually abused.

[Peter Dalglish] is being investigated for child sexual exploitation abuse.
-CIB Chief Pushkar Karki

Nepalese authorities are investigating the matter further to determine if there are more children who may have been victimized by Dalglish.

Global News

Note: There are conflicting accounts pertaining to whether Dalglish was in the company of 2 boys or 2 girls. What is certain is that the children were minors.

According to the Kathmandu Tribune, Dalglish has been working with an organization called the Himalaya Community Foundation for the past 2 years. It focuses on providing education, water sanitation and selects local children for tutoring and in some cases to take them abroad.

According to Nepal’s law, Dalglish will be sentenced to jail for 15 years and has to pay compensation to the victims too.

Kathmandu Tribune

Presently, authorities are detaining the ‘humanitarian’ for 25 days while they conduct a “rigorous” investigation.

The CIB released the following statement in relation to the matter.

“We cannot disclose what we have found right now but we can assure you that we will produce our findings to the court after the detention time is over. The court will then decide the punishment to Mr. Peter Dalglish accordingly.”

Kathmandu Tribune 2

Peter Dalglish’s humanitarian resume is substantial and his arrest comes as a shock to many in the field.

A Brief resume of Dalglish’s Humanitarian History

  • First humanitarian mission: African famine in 1984,
    Dalglish was instrumental in airlifting supplies from Canada to Ethiopia.
  • Street Kids International Charity: Founder and Director,
    Est. 1988 (SKI – Merged with Save the Children Canada in 2015)
  • National Film Board of Canada and SKI:
    HIV/AIDS prevention cartoon “Karate Kids” (1988-1990)
  • World Health Organization: Senior Urban Advisor to the WHO
    in Liberia, Africa (2016)
  • United Nations: Representative in Afghanistan and Nepal (2010-2014)
  • Skateistan: Chairperson International Board
  • Afghan Institute of Music (Kabul): Advisor
  • Ashoka Canada: Board of Directors
  • Trails Youth Initiative: Co-founder

Honors and Degrees

  • The Order of Canada: 2016 recipient of Canada’s highest civilian honor
    for his humanitarian work.
  • Honorary Degrees: Recipient of 3 honorary degrees
  • Awards: The Fellowship of Man Award & The Dalhousie Law School
    Weldon Award for Public Service
  • Stanford University- Graduate
  • Dalhousie University – Law graduate

  • Author: The Courage of Children - My Life with the World’s Poorest Kids
    Peter Dalglish has been involved in humanitarian work for decades
    and a popular keynote speaker for youth programs around the world.

    Scrubbing Social Media

    Ever since the announcement of his arrest in Nepal last week, organizations have been quick to distance themselves from Dalglish. UN spokesman, Stephane Dujarric stated that Dalglish has no current affiliation with the UN or its programs.

    “We stand strongly against any sexual abuse.”
    “Any allegations need to be thoroughly investigated.”

    As would be expected, Peter Dalglish’s social media accounts were quickly taken down and it appears that an effort to scrub his name from the internet is well underway.

    The Twitter account used by Dalglish, @PeterDalglish1, has been deleted.

    Peter Dalglish Short Biography – Dulwich College Shanghai – ERROR 404

    Some Canadians have already been asking if and when the government of Canada will revoke Daglish’s 2016 Order of Canada Award.

    blazing Dalglish-letter-with-justin.jpg

    Despite efforts to remove potentially incriminating information and photos from the net, traces of Dalglish’s digital past remain

    Here’s a compilation of some of the photos still available, many of them feature Dalglish with youths from around the world.

    Inspirational Person  Peter Dalglish   YouTube.png

    PeterDalglish1   Twitter Search(1).png

    dalglish in qatar.jpg

    dalglish tweet3.jpg

    UWC students whom i met this week.jpg

    With Asadullah (3).jpg

    Peter Dalglish on Twitter   The Special Representative for  UNMEER today in Monrovia visited a high school than just reopened after 8 months. http hdys9bXXvh .png

    peter dalglish street kids international   Google Search(1).png

    The Promise of Foreign Travel

    Lori Handrahan on Twitter   Remember  pedophiles groom the parents   community first to gain access to the children. Former Sr  UN official  Peter  Dalglish from  Canada arrested in  Nepal on child sex abuse charges.  M.png

    From the sparse information available at this point, one passage stands out in particular - the “promise of education and foreign travel” allegedly used to bait his prey.

    With this in mind, here’s how a student from Hornbill School Brunei in Nepal describes a visit by Dalglish to their school in 2016.

    Peter Dalglish, a renowned humanitarian, visited our school on Friday 23rd September. He has acted in loco parentis for a Nepali boy, Krishna now 18 years of age for the last 9 year for a Nepalese boy, now 18, accompanied him. With more than 80% Nepali children in our school, Peter will find our school really interesting and thought it was like a 'little Nepal'. Likewise, our children was very much inspired by his work he does as the founder of Street Kids International and more recently with regards to earthquake relief in Nepal. This was certainly an opportunity for all of us to learn what love and values in action can achieve.

    hornbill school1.jpg

    In case you’re wondering, the term loco parentis is Latin for ‘in place of the parent’. A more concise definition of loco parentis refers to:

    The legal doctrine under which an individual assumes parental rights, duties, and obligations without going through the formalities of legal adoption.


    This means that Dalglish has been playing a parental role with this Nepalese boy named Krishna since he was 9 years-old. No one is claiming that this boy has been abused but the relationship is distressing considering the accusations and will no doubt be scrutinized by investigators.

    Here’s a photo of Dalglish greeting two Afghan boys who traveled to Germany to join him. As Dalglish’s Twitter account has been deleted, it’s uncertain as to the nature of the boys’ trip to Germany.

    peter dalglish street kids international   Google Search.png

    Details Pending

    Edit 1   Peter Dalglish   Old photo style.png

    Although the allegations of pedophilia are disturbing we still don’t know much about the charges against the founder of Street Kids International. However, the statements made by the CIB make it clear that evidence will be presented to the courts. It would suggest a certain amount of confidence in the case against Dalglish as punishment is expected.

    The court will then decide the punishment to Mr. Peter Dalglish accordingly.

    If the allegations of child sexual abuse against Mr. Dalglish are substantiated, then we can add yet another children’s charity to the growing list of tainted organizations where predators gain access to the most vulnerable children in society.

    Image credits:

    Google Images




It was a week ago this news was all over the medias in Nepal. But I wasn't surprised that much because this isn't the first Pedophilia or child sex abuse case in Nepal. Time and again we have to listen such news. A report suggests that there were 7 know Pedophilia arrest case in Nepal in less than 2 years and 6 of them were foreigners.

But I can assume there are many, uncountable I have to say that doesn't even get noticed. Nepal is safe heaven for such creatures because of poverty. We are poor so easily fall for anything that sounds good or beneficial and people don't even think for a second if they get a nice offer from Western people. Dalglish also did the same Police claimed that Dalglish tempting kids and their parents by offering aboard trip, better education and jobs as they grow.

Most of the wentern people who come to Nepal in the name of help, and non profit organization has different motives rather than slogan.
These people think they can actually do/ or buy anything they like with their money and actually they are proving it too. Religion buying is their number one agenda. No common people in the world knows such thing because no media writes about it.

Another major issue is that we take foreigners as a god of some kind and think if they are white they are good. This idea is diminishing in city area but in rural areas it is still highly in practice which gives those foreigners with evil mindset an easy attack.

exactly bro!

This kind of news doesn't even shock me anymore, saw it last week. And look at him all chummy chummy with our so-called 'prime minister'... I really hope as terrible stories like this keep emerging it awakens more of the masses to the reality, we are ruled by luciferian psychopathic pedophiles!!

Once again, sharing everywhere.

Yeah, it's like school shootings we hardly react to them anymore.
I hope we see some more high profile criminals go to jail rather then the small fries.

These kinds of stories make me question how much good charities actually do in the world. I bet most of the people working for these charities are good people but it's so damn frustrating to see the leaders or board members blatantly using their charities as a cover for their crimes (Savile, Sandusky, etc). And they prey on the weakest of all. Just disgusting.

It's their preying ground! I boycott all mainstream charities, people directly helping people is the only thing I trust anymore.

I’ve seen false sexual abuse accusations, and I know you’re innocent until proven guilty, but my gut instinct tells me this guy is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Scariest thing about reading about this last week is that I’m not surprised at all.

I'm glad your eyes are open Shaun, I really believe even though 'they' tried to shut down #pizzagate investigations, it did get through and folks are seeing the truth all around them, as more and more arrests happen, that paedophelia is an epidemic among the so-called 'elite'.

You ever watch An Open Secret on YouTube? If you haven’t, I’d strongly suggest you do. I’d heard the rumours about what was going on in Hollywood for years, but it was an eye opener to see just how common it appears to be in that movie. The disgusting stories and pictures you see in that documentary make you look at movies in a completely different way.

I would suggest almost all charities that work with children have been infiltrated by deviant scum looking to ‘educate’ young boys and girls, some are infiltrated all the way to the top.

It’s sickening how these degenerates worm their way into these organisations and seek to prey on the most vulnerable in society and even more sickening that often the charities turn a blind eye or cover up the crimes.

I’d like to see the Nepalese instigate some street justice on the bastard.

Good work as always V.

I don't know if you are aware of the Bacha Bazi boy s in Afghanistan. Our soldiers went to Afghanistan to restore the Poppy Fields and let the CIA gain more control over the Heroin trade. The drug war isn't working so we need more Heroin in America. That is the official narrative isn't it?

They also were required to look the other way when they heard the screams of little boys being abused by Afghan men. Here are some news articles about one case where the American Soldier stood against the evil he was told to Ignore.

Honestly I think the only people allowed to have positions of any power are the ones that have already been compromised. Franklin Cover-up, Dennis Haskert, Bill Clinton, Sandusky, Media Mogels, Even the Trumpster was hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein. You think Trump is not guilty as well? Lets see what did he say about the Clintons.

They are good people they are my friends.
Jeffry Epstein

I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.

Then we have Pedogate heard about any arrest there yet? No you wont because these guys are running our world. Only the ones that mess up are "outed" How many Years did Dennis Haskert get for all the boys he Molested as a HS coach? ZERO here served 13 months for bank fraud!

I ll hush now.

i'd agree with all but the trump part, because he did distance himself from epstein immediately and kicked him out of his property, and his previous tweets on the subject:

but now, every day that goes by without an arrest, not even one, and the 650,000 emails just sitting there when he could have released them or declassified them, and the pedogate files having to do with a certain pizzashop sitting there with no arrests, Im thinking he is part of the cover up.

He declared a state of emergency when he passed his december executive order to seize/ block funds from people who are involved with serious human abuse and corruption, and he passed as soon as he got into office an executive order on human trafficking to give them more power to go after them worldwide...

but nothing has come of it all after a year and a half. starting to lose hope anything will ever change.

Trust me lol I voted in the Primary for Trump, but I am ashamed for letting myself be fooled again.

How do you know someone for 15 years and hang out with them then suddenly realize they are a criminal? I don't think so they just do what is convenient. This is Trumps words.

I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.

I have now renounced my voting rights and will never vote in a election again.
It is futile, because the choices are made before the election occurs.
The Money Masters control who is on the ballot. The have two of their people on each side of the isle. So no matter who wins they win, their guy wins always. Trump has only proven that he is on their side. The moment he started making nominations I knew we got smoked again.

Come on who is a good person and can hoard a billion dollars while there are starving homeless people in our world? Come on the only way you become that rich is to be a selfish greedy SOB.

The love of Money is the root of all evil! We all know this parable but we seem to forget because we dream of a good world.
We have a conscience they do not even comprehend a conscience. That is one of the reason they prey on us and think we are weak, because of our conscience.

My thoughts are very in line with your comments here. I also remember that US contractor Dyncorp paid for an Afghani boy dancer as entertainment.

I'm of the opinion that HRC, Trump, Hastert and most politicians and lobbyists in DC are paid actors controlled by the same special interests. Some may be blackmailed, others eagerly volunteer to do whatever's asked of them and most sell their bs advocacy/services for the right price.

Epstein is connected to many of the rich and powerful (Clintons and Trump), and from what I can gather it's likely that he's some kind of blackmail agent conducting Brownstone operations on his Island.

I agree about them all controlled and paid, but I also see a much darker side to it that involves Luciferian doctrine. That is where the abuse of innocents/children and sacrifice comes in. Its been happening for 1000s of years its not a new phenomenon.

I didn't even think that maybe that is why Epstein is so connected and rich. I just figured he was another too rich Insider POS. You are probably right about that. I remember that I read Hollywood lawyers like Alan Dershowitz were also at Epstein's Island.

I can only begin to think of how many powerful puppets abuse children on that Island.
He gets 18 months. WOW See the pattern?

Like much of the world, the ones in the worst positions get targeted for even more suffering.

I wonder if these types of people all get into this kind of work for this purpose at the outset or it brings it out in them under some kind of slippery slope/ opportunity conditions where they have a predisposition for it.

The world deserves better unfortunately, those with authority continually abuse it.

Yes, I have been wondering the same thing. After looking into Dalglish a little my best guess is that he truly does care about humanitarian work but he gave into his demons. There's no way of knowing of course. Maybe it's just too disturbing to think this kind of abuse is premeditated.

(Without defending any such behaviour as it is heinous and there is no excuse) What if they mistake their desire as 'care' and perhaps early on it is just that but it manifests over time and reveals what it truly is. There are all kinds of ways to exert power of others, this must be one of the worst.

It's certainly possible. I think we're all capable of extraordinary good and and complete depravity. I think once you cross the line into something dark I imagine your mind tries to justify what has happened, and you lie to yourself about what's going on. Maybe this kind of person tries to convince themselves that they're in love and nobody's getting hurt. They have to believe their own lies and keep spinning new ones.

It is shame for us that Nepal is more and more becoming a place of abuses. From drugs to sex abuse we are getting too much of shame. We hear this type of news quite often and it hurts a lot.
This pedophiles are targeting Nepal because it is easy for them as we take foreigners as god and think all foreigners are good. In rural areas a foreigner can live in someones home without paying anything and do his evil work and no one will care, because he is a foreigner.
Previously a man was arrested in Kathmandu and he is now arrested there but no one knows what's happening in rural area. It's a shame for such an reputable person to do such an hateful and irresponsible work.

As for Nepal, we take foreigners as god and I think we must suspect some of them because everyone are not good.

This type of predatory abuse by so called 'humanitarians' is being exposed more and more. It is shameful, but it's not the people of Nepal that should be ashamed. What disgusts me are the charities that promote their work to protect and improve the lives of children but are instead enabling the abuse and exploitation of children to occur. There are no words to describe how vile this type of abuse is.

It really feels bad when you eventually hear news like this of your country. Our countries main economy is tourism and this kind of news affect a lot. Previously we had earthquake, then air crash, a big flood and we hear this kind of news so often.
Trust me, the criminal will get our of jail paying some thousands of dollar and it's shame for our government and ultimately for us. Most of the time the criminal is someone who knows a big leader and guess what, police can't do anything.
@teamnepal is one of the biggest steemian group from Nepal and once we had posted about this and there were comments from foreigners that they will cancel their trip after hearing that because they or their relatives were affected by this kind of crime. I tried to convince them it is not an every case but they refused.
Because of us 2 foreigners cancelled their trip and we can guess how tourism will be affected when relatively super big media makes news like this.

It seems that the charges of the two boys are the reason the cops had the warrant, and then they additionally found the two girls in there, that seems to be the reason for the dispute in the reports

this is from Daglish's wikipedia, under "pedophilia allegations"

On April 8, 2018, Dalglish was arrested by Nepal Police from Kavre District on charges of pedophilia.[3][4] Nepal's central investigation bureau confirmed that Dalglish is facing charges in a case involving two boys under the age of 15. A Nepal police spokesman confirmed that the bureau is investigating the possibility of more victims, adding that Dalglish could remain in custody for up to 25 days while the investigation continues.[5] Dalglish was arrested at a home about 50 kilometres north of Kathmandu. Two girls, aged 12 and 14, were also found in the home during the arrest.[6] If convicted, Dalglish faces up to 15 years in prison.[5]

In that case it would appear that Dalglish is in even more hot water. Cheers, thanks for that clarification @johnvibes!

Why is it that I'm never even surprised by these revelations anymore... I just expect it. The only surprise is that they get caught!

Superb post, and it reminds me of something I read a few weeks back about the UN and loads of other organisations like WHO that are infiltrated by thousands upon thousands of Peado's, it is a very sick world we live in it seems.

Well it sounds like he's in a lot of trouble if you read into the confident statements of the CIB. The fact that organisations are going to the trouble of scrubbing information from the internet, would seem a little extreme if they are only allegations. It seems like a lot of people know he's finished.

Yes, it certainly does appear that the CIB is confident about the case against him, we shall see I guess.

Yes CIB is so confident about his case, they clearly stated that they were monitoring his activities for long time after before his arrest. it was red handed arrest with 2 boys in his room and they said they are investigating more on him since they doubt he must have involved on more abuse cases in many districts in Nepal where he went with his project.

Actually he was the founder of the Himalayan Community Foundation.

In Nepal, Dalglish, as the founder of the Himalayan Community Foundation, a non-governmental humanitarian organization to help poor and deprived families with their children’s education, has been running various projects related to education and drinking water for the deprived communities in Kavrepalanchowk district for the last two years, according to CIB.
Source: A Nepalese Online paper

Cheers, appreciate the correction and the link!

I know you’re innocent until proven guilty, but this man having access to children to the degree he had makes me cringe.

Makes me sad that it’s a fellow Canadian who may have been terrorizing children that were this vulnerable for years, maybe decades.

I just hope that if there’s proof that he’s held accountable, and never has access to children ever again.

A big evil may appear to be good, a big fake may appear to be genuine

Pizza gate or more aptly named pedogate as David Seamen calls is is 100% real. It spans the world and involves rich affluent men and women. These people are usually in positions of power and wealth and use this to molest children and utilize children in ritual abuse and yes even sacrifice. Vey high ranking clergymen In the Vatican and government officials from all across the world are also a huge part of this. Most of the bloodline Illuminati families are the main ones pulling the strings behind the scenes with this child abuse as well. The tides are breaking here, these people are finally losing there protection and being taken down. I believe before the end of this year high level pedos like the podesta aka the molesta brothers and others will be brought to justice.

Ugghhhh!!! Makes me feel sick!!

Of the most serious crimes
It must be subject to the most severe sanctions
Because he assaults a child who can not defend himself
Truly a non-exclusive act
A large police work that arrested him

I heard this news many days ago which took place in my place kathmandu Nepal which shooked me knowing that such a high profile humanitarian was involved in sexually abuse young children which he was supposed to help and support...Now a days hearing such incidents took away all the trust i used to have on humanitarian work...World is getting full of dirt with dirty minded people and its very hard to protect young people....It will be very interesting to see how the investigation will go @v4vapid

Granted this may not sound civilized or even smart of me in the slightest, but I would not even waste a cup of water keeping a monster like this alive.

In light of these allegations the pictures really look disturbing to me.

Yeah, the optics are very bad. I'm going to wait and see what the charges and evidence is before making a final judgement but I understand what you mean. There's WAY too much of this going on with charities around the world.

very sad, sexual abusing is growing now all over the world

What is going on in this world. Devil wear angles clothes to do bad deeds. How these people dare to do crime of child abuse, How someone can be that much senseless. Now we are going worse then animals.Shame on this type of people who do charity for this purpose. Thank you sir @v4vapid for public awareness.

@v4vapid....... this is a very important news, I is a great lesson for all renowned person who works in various countries in various important one support child abuse. I like your activities,specially this kinds of work. great job. thanks a lot for sharing with us.

Absolutely disgusting. It's a total abuse of power. the ones who are trusted in looking after the people in dire situations are just making it worse for them. I am not shocked any more and there will be more coming out the wood work. Very sad state of affairs. People will think twice now giving to charities and will only make the plight of the ones we are helping even more disastrous.

I wonder how people do such good and bad things together?

Do they just pretend to help ? Or does something HAPPEN to them which makes them act in such a monsterous manner !!

I understand that sometimes people loose their brain and do things which they never even dreamt of, but how can anything make their logics and emotions so dead !!

I wonder ......


very great news,my dear friend @v4vapid,good job,beautiful picture,i really really love this post all time,thank you for sharing with us,

Muchos títulos y fama, como humanitario. Pero hay un dicho aquí en mi país: CARAS VEMOS, CORAZONES Y PENSAMIENTOS, NO SABEMOS" Es bueno esa investigación rigurosa y esclarecer para poder execrar pedofilos.

Excellent news - burn them all down.

Very sad. Thank you for sharing. Happy Sunday

This is sickening on so many levels. I'm a father of daughter, granted she's only 2 but even at 12 or 14 they're still children, they're matured adults. I don't understand what it is in the brain of a sexual predator that makes them attracted to children. It makes no sense. For someone I'm such a well re known position too, I'm sure nobody would have ever thought he was capable of something like this and he could have honestly been doing this his whole career or at least for years, he just happened to get caught with his pants down this time. Personally for me it basically over shadows all the good he did do with his career because quietly in the shadows he's been out there lurking as a monster and tormenting young women. Shameful.

What should be done with pedophiles? They have committed unspeakable crimes that demand severe punishment. But most of them will eventually be free.

Are we willing to support efforts to rehabilitate them?

This isn't a surpised to me either, I've been hearing this kinds of "evil" over the news since I was young. It's just unfortunate that the ones that are in the position to help the needy are the ones that were abusing the authority or power that they have.
I just hope that justice will prevail for the victims (2 girls or boys), it doesn't matter, the abuse is still an abuse.
I just saw the news last night about a girl-child rape & killed that happened in Surat city in India. I was so devastated by it and made me furious about it.
It must be stopped by all means.

My God. I cannot start to imagine what those parents much be going through if at all this is true. It must be one of the most devastating things that can happen to a parent.
I don't know why a man with a great position as his, who potrays to have a huge heart in his humanitarianism would do such a cruel thing to children of allthe people.
God shall judge him.

Your posts make people like .. Thanks father

I am amazed that these generations have been doing such work for the purpose of the beginning of the people or bring them under the opportunity of any premises in the corridor, where it is predicted for them.

I hate living in a society where I have to view people that work closely with children to have a potential ulterior motive .. it makes me sick to my stomach but these people wear so many masks. It's become so prevalent and widespread that's it's equally losing it's ability to shock the public and for me that in itself is both terrifying and a disturbing milestone in mankind's fall from grace. Thank you for all the work you do in bringing these abuses to our attention and for holding them to account on the blockchain @v4vapid one way or another we must stamp this shit out!!

Glad to be informed about this situation. It is a pity that these persons who play a great role have these terrible flaws. I am glad that he is stopped by the authorities.

Another bites the dust. This is just the beginning of whats to come. We are just at the tip of the ice burg. In the months ahead some major worldwide household names will face the same fate.

We don't know who to trust now. Could it be that all these years he was working among children not out of love but of his selfish desires?

In what is becoming an all too familiar story

The saddest phrase of your publication ... thanks for sharing, I really hope that all these disgusting people start to get scared and decrease the cases ... they no longer have so much impunity.

Paedophiles are high grade Self-entitled Psychopaths.....

I think it is a great lesson for all renowned person who works in various countries in various important platform no one support child abuse. I like your activities,specially this kinds of work. great job
thanks a lot for sharing this post

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