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Thoughts while listening:
Agree that Pence totally seems like a snake (no offense to snakes). Yes- underground cities and tunnels (could be the source of the "mystery booms"). Indeed, curious about this whole Bannon and Trump thing. Trump has had to deal with more than one mafia for sure. Good- let this cabal fall. Yeah- I reckon, the more the cabal/narcocracy crumbles, the more deaths we'll see. :/ Good- I'm glad Flynn told Trump about Pence. CT. also ripe with Satanism from what I heard about it when related to Sandy Hook. Oh goodness. Hedgefunds, Bridgewater, Steinberg, Weiss, organ trade... gah... so corrupt and dirty. Compass group- pizza, hot dogs... My word-- more connections to Clinton Foundation. I enjoy listening to trains. Not illicit deep state weapons transporting trains tho. :O I'll have to pay more attention to what Pence does. Thank you for the heads up. Yes! Be the change we want to see! Much love! <3


Proof of listening! I dig it! Too funny, with Steemit, having so many "views" and so little Stemians actually viewing, so I truly appreciate your attention, @sunsquall!

The 'proof of listening' is something I do with my friends- but we call it sharing thoughts. They'll send me a video interview (or I'll send them one) and then we'll share our thoughts when we get a chance to listen. I shared this to a couple of groups over at Facebook who follow this type of info. Keep up the good work. Alex Jones and Roger Stone are beating on Steve Bannon pretty hard today. Interesting to see these developments.

They are part of the LARP. I think we are looking at another troll situation for whatever reason. Probably pulling out some information to lead to further indcitments.
Thanks so much for sharing the posts, I truly appreciate it. Going to head over to your blog and see what you are up to!

Good news, thank you so much for sharing. @dakini5d

Thanks for viewing the post, @sojib24!

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