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3/13: Today, President Trump revealed his intention to create a 5th arm to the US Military: The Space Force. Speaking in front of the San Diego based Miramar Marines, President Trump discussed hyper-sonic craft and the intention of the US military to "go to Mars."

Trump further explained that Marines would be needed for Homeland Security operations. He specifically said that Marines had agreed by oath to protect the Homeland. This statement alludes to President Trump's recent Executive Order that empowers civilian players to assist the US Military in the arrest of persons accused of treason.

In the video I delve further into Trump's speech, the firing of Rex Tillerson and Steven Goldstein, and what we can expect to unfold in this worldwide dragnet to defeat the deep state in the coming days:

For a glimpse of our new CIA Director, Gina Haspel:

For the background on our new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo:

President Trump Announces Space Force:

For information on Hydro-sonic weapons development:

For more information on the secret space program and the already-in-progress Mars Program, as reported by Laura Eisenhower, great-grandaughter of IKE:

For a glimpse of Israel's preparations for multiple war-fronts:

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Wow. I just finished watching this on You Tube, but wanted to leave my comment here as I limit my Google use. I have been experiencing a dichotomy of emotions for the last several months - overwhelm (read anger/fear/disbelief), and EXCITEMENT! I need to put my money where my mouth is and step up and share this video and related info. I've been torn between 'waking people up' and simply letting them discover this for themselves, as I did. Either way, I am with you on the prayers and knowing that a higher good is being played out for the benefit of all. Thank you again for being the gentle bringer of uncomfortable truth. I hope I can do the same.


Thanks, QP! Glad to be connecting with you! share the vids if you can. we are winning! Not dualism, hundredth monkey awareness!

great overview, resteemed and reposted on fb .


Thanks very much, Chris! I really appreciate you sharing the post!

Thank you! Going to watch now! I love your video news updates and analysis. Much love to you and Godspeed!

I love it. Resteemed it.

Great catch: Trumps address to the Marines. This was as subtle as it was profound. They've sworn to protect against enemies foreign and domestic, and there are plenty of domestic enemies for them to roll-up.

This month is when the storm will really hit. Although Q doesn't talk about it, the petroyuan launch later this month is extremely important to the whole timing of the Storm.

Q doesn't talk much about 9/11, Israel, or the petroyuan—but they are the most fundamental reasons for the Q phenomenon, and he has reasons for keeping them for later. The truth is, the petroyuan launch this month is the reason why the cabal needs to be taken down this month. I explain the whole thing in my latest blog post, I'd love to hear your feedback on it ;-)

Keep up the great work!