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The Q wars have gone live with multiple people involved in Cicada 3301 streamed live on Youtube by Merlin Defango and outing some of the Q background. Meanwhile, the Iran Deal will be decided upton by POTUS within 12 hours. Perhaps, John Kerry and BHO will be arrested for treason under the Logan Act! And, oh yea, France is running America now in the latest corporate takeover of US Inc by UN Inc..

Please read the update on the letter presented to President Trump by the National Assembly:


You can follow up on all of the latest docs posted by former US Judge, Anna Von Reitz, here:


Please get involved in your State's National Assembly forum in order to organize a States' Assembly! We need to act now to prevent the fraudulent conveyance of an "assumption of contract" to the French Governmental Services Corporation called: THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC). To participate in the weekly community forum, you can call in at 9pm EST each Thursday: 712-770-4160. The pw to enter the conference is: 226823

It is not too late to run in the midterm elections for many many states. Please look into the deadlines for your state and consider running! Town and City Council is a VERY important office to hold when it comes to breaking our counties free of the fraudulent corporate stranglehold on our cities and towns. One person can make a huge difference! With non-partisan people in office on the local levels, we even have the hope of beginning UBUNTU type projects in our areas that would give the economic reigns of success back to the local level!

The claims of Devin Nunes and others that John Kerry, Joe Biden, BHO, HRC and others are guilty of treason in violation of the Logan Act are very real! These people are traveling around the world attempting to usurp the powers of the President, the State Department and the Congress in arranging criminal deals with foreign entities. Indict! Prosecute!!
Here is a great rundown on the situation by David Knight of The Real News:

The controversy regarding who or what Q is, was or may be has added to the ongoing "Collage of Chaos" that is muddying the media waters right now as We, the People, attempt to discern right from wrong, truth from lies and even up from down! On the one hand we have die-hard patriots believing that every word written by the Q team on the chans is the undisputed truth. Alternatively, we have many others suggesting the Q is a very effective psy op and that there is proof to back that assertion up. Defango has chimed in and is now calling out Cicada 3301. Jerome Corsi claims to have exclusive access to the Q team. Time will tell who knows what about Team Q!

You can catch up on Defango's take on the Q phenomenon on his Youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/defango. Here is his most recent posting regarding Q. Defango claims he knows the people who began and continue to work behind the scenes on Q. Here is Defango's most recent livestream fighting it out with Cicadas:

This is the most recent Jerome Corsi Q report as posted on his Youtube channel:

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Yes, we need to be more involved.

glad I found your youtube channel. i enjoy listening to you present information. I listen to your videos while I am at work. thanks for all you do

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Thanks for the Resteem, FB.....Veddy veddy interesting....Yet, still oddly ambiguous, live stream and all....