#QGUN #BACKYARDBRAWL Vet's Occupy Pedo Traffic Camp in Tucson, AZ: Rothschild, HRC Connected #1776WorldWide

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The Darkness into Light posting by Q on the 3rd, whoever or whatever Q is (still not proven one way or the other!) yesterday could not be more accurate. There IS a Perfect #STORM occurring and all of the spiders are being caught in their own webs of destruction!

Neon Revolt put together the BEST blog on this topic, putting together the Anons reports and other research on the Tucson, Arizona, child trafficking camp, CEMEX, the Jon Benet Ramsey related murders, etc.:

To show your support to the organization, made up of ex-Navy Seals and other military veterans who are working to expose the child-trafficking operations in the USA https://www.vets4childrescue.org

Our enormous thanks and prayers go out to Veterans on Patrol, ALPHA Group, who, through their awesome efforts to help homeless Vets, discovered this crime-sight. Our prayers also go out for every child and person who is suffering at the hands of these scumbags who traffic children and people.

WE ARE FREE!! We Are Not Consenting! We, the People, SAY NO! With our WILL, our Prayers, our INTENT and our REMOVAL OF CONSENT! @dakini5d


is craig sawyer legit?

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So much division, now even showing up in the truth media. I'm about to call it quits in regard to shedding light on darkness. How does the average person know who to trust? I had been sharing videos about the work Craig Sawyer was doing. The only person I know I can trust - is ME. Time to start listening more to my inner guidance and create a new paradigm from my own light filled divinity - not by trying to shed light on darkness. The recent 5 minute video by Steven D. Kelley (whom I had also been following) called out Craig Sawyer . Even Liz Crokin was reporting on all the good Sawyer is doing in her June update. I'll leave the investigating to the reporters and stick to what I do best - - prayer support that the highest good is being revealed for ALL.

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