#MK-ULTRA: USA Undermined By FBI Divsion 5, M-Bird Media and Clergy #DIVISION5

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February 22: Today I was told that Timothy Holmseth is a Protected Witness to the on-going proceedings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. This was reported to me personally by Robert David Steele, Commissioner.

In the video below, I report on the phone call Holmseth received yesterday from a man claiming to be an Mk-Ultra victim and high level ex-special ops for black book operations dating back to the Reagan Administration. The claims of this man are far-reaching and incredible, however, there is a lot of correct intelligence included in what he says.

Please support and spread the news on Timothy Holmseth. He has been fighting Pedogate for almost a decade and needs our assistance. https://www.writeintoaction.com

Here is the link to the video posted today by Holmseth. It is a recording of the person claiming to be Lawrence Dean O'Brien:

Let's HOPE Al Gore is not in charge!! Yikes!

The Broward County school shooting false flag murderous event multiple connections that, if uncovered, could bring down a major portion of the Deep State based not only in Florida, but connected to multiple pedo-trafficking states and also international trafficking involving the Catholic Church, possibly leading all the way to the Vatican. We need to jump on this #PERFECTSTORM to expose these players, who have orchestrated multiple false flags and been central in child-trafficking in the United States.

The "liddle kidz" reference:

Here is an excellent video by a fellow Stemian on the Liddle Kidz organization:

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"The call" I don't wanna believe that frankly. This could be any crazy person talking that way. We don't know, no possibility to check it out. Usually I have a very good intuition if people telling the truth or not, but I have to see them at least on a video. No chance here, so just going with my inner feeling and my heart flow.. it isn't real. I mean there is a lot of nice stuff this guy is claiming, but the Al Gore stuff I definitively DON'T like LOL!

I know, it is interesting bc this call comes the DAY after Timothy is Harassed by the police and granted Protected Witness status. But, like most of these types of things, it IS full of lots of accurate information. The Al Gore thing is outrageous and awful! It is creepy, Big Time.

I must agree with @adelheid here, this guy phoning in is just a bit "peculiar" imho. My gut feeling tells me he is a plant to disrupt the investigations and tossing out some "hooks" hoping to deter the line of thinking. Sort of an old "fox" trick. ;)

I didn't know you are on steemit. I'am following you since a while on YT, but like steemit much more.

Noticed that the number of eyes on this post is 999. Now that we grok the problem, the key is to change the mindset and get onto the love frequency. You are free - it is our responsibility to provide quality entertainment in an informative manner. This qualifies. rEsteemed and Upvoted.

Thanks Lenny. I will call you on Sunday. Life this week has been very trying. Sorry I haven't called yet. Looking forward to talking, possibly skype, depending on where I am.

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This Broward county certainly has some "oddities" popping up. I haven't had the chance to review all of Mr. Holmseth's material he has uncovered but while researching CPS corruption I've been hitting on some strange "coincidences" with that County. Here is yet another connection to the county I'd not yet seen. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article101241012.html

This does not make sense. He has more power than POTUS, can order a national state of emergency, makes decisions that the SCOTUS rubber stamps, etc., but he is asking a UTer if he knows whether abortion clinics have been closed and whether he has any ideas on orders he can issue? I think this caller believes what he is saying, but is suffering from massive delusions.