JULIAN ASSANGE POSTS MULTIPLE CRYPTIC YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Asserts DEEP STATE Being Dismantled in Stealth #STORM Operations. Adds empty #HOURGLASS to his Twitter Page: Release Imminent? #STORM #FIREWORKS

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January 8-- Julian Assange posted SEVERAL YOUTUBE videos today on his Youtube channel that are put together in a way to expose what is going on behind the scenes with #STORM #FIREWORKS. The first featured Jerome Corsi breaking down that a Trump pardon for Assange is in the works. The right of Wikileaks to publish the "stolen" emails has already been established and the Grand Jury proceedings are already over and the fact that the State Department announced this information is a big clue of what is in play to free Assange.

Last week, Zach, special ops insider who claims to have a link with the Q team, told listeners on InfoWars that Assange will be in the United States in a week's time. Julian Assange choosing to post these videos today, plus adding the empty hour glass to his twitter page could be interpreted that his time in captivity is coming to a quick close.

The empty hour glass may also, just as likely, or additionally, refer to the fact that the next giant information dump is coming out of Wikileaks very soon. Assange's recent "tic toc" tweet pointed towards a dump to come that would reveal damning evidence to prosecute Hillary and Bill Clinton and other deep state players. This empty hour glass may mean that Wikileaks is about to drop a Truth Bomb on the deep state.

Julian also posted today, January 8, this replay of April LaJune's report on the shipping containers crossing Canada and, the fleeing Congress Members, TRAITOR 44 and the issue of assange's freedom:

Assange's next video posting features Natasha of Trump Channel News who has filed a class action suite against Youtube and Google, and the video focusses on the U.N. breadcrumbs in Assange's tweets and his new 24 "followings" on his twitter account.

Next, Assange posted a short excerpt from the April LaJune channel about the 17 shipping containers containing weapons travelling across Canada and then goes to Natasha expressing how the Trump Team will not be able to advertise the take downs as they are happening in real time.

Finally, we have a radio interview with Christine Assange, Julian's mother, where she confirms that Julian is, indeed, still alive, but that his ongoing persecution is still very real and that public attention to insure his safety is of paramount importance at this pivotal time.

Please tweet your support to President Trump for the immediate release of Julian Assange and for the safe passage of Julian Assange to the United States as a free man:


PLEASE SUPPORT WIKILEAKS by donating to support this entirely public-funded Freedom of Information platform: https://www.wikileaks.org

You may also contribute to Julian Assange's defense fund: https://www.iamwikileaks.org

Also, the Wikileaks' shop sells great merchandise that you can purchase and sport in order to spread the word!

Thanks for viewing my post, Stemians! We are getting close to having a TRUE HERO on American soil!

Thank you to Julian Assange for the use of material from my Youtube Channel YOU ARE FREE TV, I can't tell you what an honor that is to me. Many, many thanks to you for the service you have provided in freeing humanity from the deep state. We are all behind you 100%!!

#UNRIG Let the sun shine in!! @dakini5d


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QAnon is real. Trump is NOT a GLOBALIST. I hope Guantanamo is full soon.

This would signal Trump’s intention to continue draining the swamp. Let’s hope we see Assange free soon!

Absolutely. Critical time period. Love your steemit handle! Followed you.

Awesome. Thank you. I’ve really found your work here valuable. If you haven’t seen this yet check it out if you have time. https://steemit.com/news/@choosefreedom/what-happened-to-the-marijuana-justice-act-of-2017

I absolutely will check it out as soon as I have a minute. Looking forward to it. Good to meet a fellow sister truth-teller on Steemit!

Thank you

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