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A joint task force of whistle-blower scientists, journalists and experts in international law and justice have united to fight the deployment of Directed Energy Weapons. In this interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of EXOPOLITICS and consultant to the Carter administration regarding extraterrestrial communication, we learn how we can help defeat the deployment of DEW weapons/5G by supporting the WORLD TREATY CONFERENCE TO BAN NEURO-TECH AND DEW WEAPONS.

The Joint Task Force to stop DEW weapons is asking people who have experienced DEW or neuro-tech assaults to provide testimonials in order to gather evidence for the Statute. Credentialed investigators are also needed to lend professional support to the effort. Police will not touch these cases of directed energy weapons assaults and neuro-tech harassment. There is also a "tsunami email campaign" underway to help flood elected officials with the request to support the Statute. We need people like you to get involved in requesting action from your Congress people and other elected officials.

Please learn more about the campaign, the Statute and the World Treaty Conference: https://jointinvestigation.org/
You can also follow the Joint Investigation team on twitter: @jitflash

For more information on the political background involved in the Statute, as well as to read the Model Statute:

To learn more about the work of Alfred Lambremont Webre and his work in Exopolitics:

An incredible international team of women scientists and journalists are spearheading the current activism to ban DEW weapons. You can learn more about several of them at their individual websites:

Dr. Lauren Moret, the Physicist formerly from Lawrence Livermore Labs: http://www.leurenmoret.info

Dr. Katherine Horton, Physicist, formerly from CERN: https://www.stop007.org

Ramola Dharmaraj, Investigative Journalist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrcQ5JFUqWnniYozQhGnRhQ

Melanie Vritschan, Satellite Comms expert and founder of ICATOR, the advocacy group for Targeted Individuals: http://icator.be/

To learn more about what directed energy weapons are and how they are being deployed against ordinary people:

To understand more about non-thermal Microwave weapons and their effects on humans, please read this excellent extensive report written by Captain Jerry Flynn of Canada:

The World Treaty Conference to Ban Neuro-tech and Directed Energy Weapons is modeled on the Land-mine Ban spearheaded by Diana, Princess of Wales. Many speculate that it is her work going up against the military industrial deep state, especially as it related to war crimes in Bosnia, that led to Diana's car-wreck and murder in Paris, France, on August 31, 1997:

Many people have experienced directed energy weapons and biowarfare assaults at Disclosure Conferences in the last several years. The most prominent of these are the Contact In the Desert (CITD) Conference in Callifornia that happens every June and the International UFO Conference that occurs every February. Both of these conferences are sponsored by the Gaia Corporation, formerly known as Gaiam. At the most recent IUFOC, people died as a result of these attacks.
Please read more about this important conspiracy to harm disclosure and NDE researchers:

If you are interested in adding Carbon60 to your protocol to protect yourself from 5G and DEW weapons:
You can get C60 Purple Power at: https://www.C60PurplePower.com

Thanks for viewing this post, Stemians, Let's take action NOW to stop the Prison Planet roll out with DEW weapons and Agenda 21 for 2030! Make sure your candidate for the 2018 midterms plans to support the Statute to ban DEW! @dakini5d


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This is all new to me and I'm glad I read it. I really thought the post was going to be about death lasers and sci-fi plasma cannons. Maybe I've been watching to much Netflix lately.

That's funny, Gregory! I have been watching the reboot of Lost in Space where they have an AI four armed android who shoots plasma from his facescreen. EEEeeeeeeee! But, yes, this is a very serious issue with massive consequences for humanity. I am posting a second video on it today and will keep reporting on this vitally important threat to human freedom.

Not to get too distracted but how is lost im space on netflix? The promo still scares the kids a little but I love sci-fi and was hoping it was family friendly so we can enjoy it together. It used to be a family prime time kind of thing I thought right?

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