Buildings - 2 point perspective - my entry for today's daily sketch

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Remember I gave you a little tutorial on perspective on my Optimus Prime post, here's the link:

There I used one Vanishing Point on the Horizon line to draw the perspective of the Optimus' truck.

But this tome, we will use 2 Vanishing Points.


I made an animated gif so you can see the process:


This is a technique you can use when the corner of a building or a block of buildings is right in front of your point of view.

So let's start drawing the horizon line and the 2 Vanishing Points:


Then let's draw a line about in the center of our paper: this is the corner of our main building.
Then we can make two lines that go from the ends of the corner line to the 2 Vanishing points:


Now we can draw two parallel lines to the main side line, to make the two side walls:


The two vanishing points will be our guides for everything we'll draw: the doors, the windows, the sidewalk and etc.



This is my entry for @tonyr #dailysketch contest , where you have to sketch a daily topic in under 20 minutes (that's why I didn't put to much detail and shading in it).

Here's the link, please check it out:

Thank you for your support and 'till next time.


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Good the art well done: upvoted , I am into photography and art ...plz do check my post for your support..Thx ..... followed u now.

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