Daily pet photography event of @kona, my entry # 117 - 'A sheep herd'

Daily pet photography challenge!

My entry # 117.
Here is my entry to daily pet photography challenge hosted by @kona, hi Steemians if you want to participate, please follow the link to know more about the challenge:


There are plenty of domestic animals in the area where I live, those are dogs, cows, goats, chickens, buffalo cows, sheep, pigs and many different kinds of birds, these are live in friendship with humans. I'll take photos of those animals and posting here. Today, I did shot this below pic of a herd ( young sheep) and has submitted for your glance. Livestock casting is the most profitable business in India. There are different types of color and plenty of Sheep and Goats in our country, for the following purposes- pet, meat, for milk, in agriculture, to get leathers and to get free from economic problems.

Sheep herd


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Hi friend, thank you!

Getting free from economical and industrial problems, being in contact with outside nature and carring about neighbor animals - it sounds very cosily!

Yes..., but, firstly, we need freedom from economic problems.

Your yard animal give you some part of this freedom, don't they?

Oh..., yes... but I am not having farm or yard.

It is always time to start, if you want to. And even if you don't, there are plenty ways to succeed, especially if you familiar with Steemit))

Wow very much his pets are getting my best friend

It's A great investment , @kunani


I have always found them so funny. Gretiings

Thank you friend.