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I'm in bed cuddled up with my body pillow plus a little pup cuddled in between my legs. I wrap the body pillow around her and my legs keeping her cosy, she stays there most of the night sound sleep.


She looks quite happy there, she's going to be my hot water bottle in the winter months.


Thank you son-of-satire

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Dalmatians are completely white at birth.

Nothing like a nice, warm, mobile hottie that doesn't get cold in the middle of the night


She's a really good sleeper for a pup. :)

She is so beautiful

Taking care of each other. ;-)


As we always do :)

I think she is spoiled. But she will make a good source of heat for the winter! She doesn't cut off the circulation in your legs. Mine would somehow move in the night and end up on my legs and I would end up with numb legs in the morning...


Thankfully she gets to hot then moves onto her grandad and yeah your right she is spoilt lol

Sweet face...



OHHH So cute .

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Aww such an adorable baby!