Weekly review: When the management accountant bakes!


I am thankful for a break week the past entire week with only one meeting in Klang Valley. I managed to go home to Seremban, and spent time with my loved ones and caught up with a few of my friends. My upcoming weeks in March will be a mess, and I would need dedicated rest and recuperation. Else, I would break apart from wear and tear.

I'll be covering Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak for my upcoming weeks, and team meetings when I'm in office. Let's not look into my time table and my check list. It's long and messy.

Baking marathon

First time in my life, I baked 2 things in the same time.

  • Brownie fudge
  • Chocolate chip cookies

Of course, I was not doing this alone. Meet my "camera shy" friend who basically did quite a major part of the work, sifting the flour etc with patience. He's a culinary artist specializing in French cuisines. He also speaks a little French, perfect for me to practice French with at times too.

The recipes are as follow



FYI, UOM stands for units of measurements; and the variations of our end products. This time, I made the fudgy brownie and chewy cookies. As for the cookies, I reduced the sugar to suit more palates in my office. Yet, preliminary tasting by friends tell me that I should be more generous with the choco chips, as the cookie wasn't sweet. I should allow the richness of chocolate come from the chips.

Point noted! Thank you.

So, here are the end products.

Of course they tasted good!

That was Saturday, on Sunday...

I was almost late to church because I baked my cookies until 12am, and it took me 2 hours to fall asleep. Thankfully, I managed to reach church on time for worship! Then, after church ended, we had life group meeting for young adults. The topic was "Forgiveness", which I personally think is a very heavy topic. My take home point to continue talking with God was...

Learn to let go of false guilt.

Which will be another topic altogether.

I also happen to meet another friend in church who, due to work, isn't in church often. So, we went for the famous beef noodles in the wet market in the town of Seremban, just a couple of minutes' drive away from church.

It was beau! The beef were soft and tender, perfectly done. Which we then moved on to redeem two scoops of ice creams from Baskin Robbins (thanks to Grab MY) situated not too far away from the wet market.

While we were leaving the mall, we bumped into some of our friends too, enjoying their Texas Chicken as they've ended their youth fellowship. We chatted a little, and parted ways. I went on to a cafe with my friend to have a cuppa before heading home.

Then, the rest of the evening was packed with packing for things to bring back to PJ, driving to KL for facial, catching up with another friend who believed was losing his life over a mistake he did, and I am now back into my room. With my cup of chamomile tea, sipping and praying that the sleep birds would lull me to bed with their midnight serenades.

I promise my next post will be Part 2 of Cryptocurrency in Malaysia.


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