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Another week behind us...

Yes sir partners this is SBI Saturday and I am grateful to have made it through another week and can be here to give away some shares for the Steem Basic Income program. I don’t care what the opinions were this week on Monday vs, Friday holidays; I still would take Friday over a Monday if I were setting the holidays. Regardless though, it was a short week and as I have been known to say, it is in the rear view mirror so we are moving on down the line.

My decision...

Should we jump right into it, or should we catch up on a couple items first? Alright, I can’t wait around all day on answers to come in so I am going to make the decision on my own. We are going to catch up just a tad bit.

Daily Dose and guzbuck...

Tuesday will mark day 365 of the Daily Dose of Sultnpapper, and when I came here there weren’t any other “Daily Dose” columns that I could find but see there is now; so how about those apples? It is nice to know that others like that moniker of “Daily Dose” and are using it as well.

Guzbuck is starting to show a little smoke so we all know where there is smoke, there is fire. It might not be enough to keep a house heated in winter time but we haven’t poured any gasoline on it yet. As we know; we need to get a good bed of hot coals going to sustain a good fire, so throw a log (guzbuck) on when and where you can; but only when you see one needed.

Family news updates...

In family news; the lawyer who sent my son the “courtesy letter” never did respond in the thirty day time period from when he got the oldest boy’s letter. So I guess that means it was one of two things, not enough money or a scam. Don’t know which of those is the correct answer but if it wasn’t a scam I think he would have heard back from him since lawyers are notorious for making sure they get every nickel they can squeeze out of people.

Deal 'em out...

Speaking of squeezing nickels; I need to give ya’ll a update on the poker games. I haven’t been playing as much as I would like too. When I have been playing I have been doing fairly well. Thursday night I finished second in the tournament and got a little SBD for it.

The Poker Rebels...

Friday night is the Team Up Tourney sponsored by @curie and last time I mentioned this tournament series the team I play on was in third place after the first week’s play. Well things haven’t gone to well for our team named the Poker Rebels; we managed to play ourselves way down in the pack since then.

I think prior to Friday night we were a couple places from being dead last. To say we were struggling would be an understatement for sure, most of the tournaments thus far we have only had three of our four players playing just to give an idea of how bad things have been.

Back into contention...

I am happy to report though that as of today’s standings we have managed to work ourselves back into contention, we are currently in third place again and just ten points behind the first place team. So things are looking up, and I am also happy to say that I ended up winning first place in the tourney on Friday night.

Just stating a fact...

With that win I have managed to climb to the top of the individual standings in the Team Up tourney, I don’t want ya’ll to take that as being a braggart, just stating a fact.

Showing the picture here so you can see for yourself; now that is bragging. I think you folks can cut me slack for it though, since I don’t make a habit of winning or bragging, but I wouldn’t mind making at least one of those two a regular habit.

I will let you...

I think there is a couple or maybe three weeks left in the season and I will let you know the outcome regardless of how we end up as a team and individually. Poker is a really fun game, if you aren’t playing it you should consider it, poker does teach you patience if you learn to play the game correctly.

That brings us to the here and now; SBI time.

SBI time is now...

This week we have three more SBI recipients, each receiving one share in the Steem Basic Income program courtesy of the Daily Dose. Those winners are @trucklife-family , @willymac and @ericvancewalton.


Most of you know by now @trucklife-family since she was mentioned in last week’s SBI Saturday Daily Dose and thank you so much for the contributions that several of you made to her account. Those funds I am sure will help tremendously as she struggles to get back on her feet.

I also promised to send all the earnings from last Saturdays Daily Dose and since it wasn't very much, less than $1.75, I decided to just round it up to $5 steem and that has been transferred to her account just before I published this, so in case anyone would like to take a peek, go ahead.


@willymac is a newcomer here to the Daily Dose and he is a down to earth gentleman who came to us via the recommendation of @janton. Willy did a post I found on his blog that is well past the earnings time period but I think it is well worth people taking the time to read. The story will, or should, make you stop and think. So for that alone he gets a share of SBI.

I like posts that inspire thinking and this one linked here really does that. So welcome aboard Willy, it is my pleasure to have you here with us. Folks if you read it and like what you read please be sure and find something of @willymac ‘s that is current and throw him an upVote on that post or comment.


Last and certainly not least is my friend @ericvancewalton. Eric is a published author in the real world away from the block chain and also a writer on the new series that will be released in the not too distant future titled Hard Fork.

I recently shared the story of another friend named Gene, who is battling pancreatic cancer, and Eric was gracious enough to offer and he did send Gene a copy of his book on meditation and for that I am truly grateful.

One of Eric’s current posts is about the story of the Wizard of Oz and if you haven’t read his post I would also suggest you take a look and read it. It also inspires some thinking and what he shows us in the post is definitely worth thinking about. Here is the link to Eric’s current work I am suggesting so go on now and read it here.

Just like always...

Just like always, if your name is mentioned in the SBI Saturday edition, even though not featured, you will receive a share of SBI so @janton also got a share today as well. If Gene ever makes here on steemit.com I owe him one too.

Have a great weekend ya’ll.

Until next time,

all photos are the property of @sultnpapper

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Great pick for @willymac, checked that post out and I love it! Reminds me of the opening chapter of a few of my favorite novels in that genre.


Thanks, I have been known to make some great picks, like all of mine are great picks. Just saying... it is a great read for sure that Will penned.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Found you on #steemitbloggers @sultnpapper. So much new information my head is spinning. Great engagement that I read about here. Well done!


Thank you for dropping in on us today @reonlouw , I am a recent addition to the #steemitblogger community and I am really enjoying meeting lots of new to me people over there.
Yes, this might make your head spin if it is the first time reading the Daily Dose. Most of the time I try and stick to one subject per day, but Saturdays is my "catch all" or catch up day so there is bits and pieces from who know where that end up in here on Saturdays.
One thing that is consistent with Daily Dose is Saturdays.
Each Saturday I feature three people to receive of share of Steem Basic Income. The reason's very and it isn't a contest so it isn't widely known about. I just select three deserving individuals that have crossed my path during the week.
The only other consistent thing is the 15th of each month where I have my "Will Eat BBQ 4 U" Texas BBQ review where I share some of my favorite BBQ joints in the south parts of Texas. Other than those two things, it is a wide open wild ass guess on what you might come across here in the Daily Dose. So feel free to come by as often as you like, you just might find a topic that interests you.
Thanks again and I'll see you around.

I knew it was a scam!


The jury is still out on the case in my book, but the lack of evidence is starting to show that it might be, we will see if the other party to the story produces any evidence before I decide. They still have about a week or so left in their 30 day window.

thank you so much @sultnpapper for all you have done and continue to do and now this also, so much gratitude for you xx
I hope that was a scam with regards to the lawyer and your son.
Keep up the great work xx


You are most welcome, I just know that in life things happen and it is up to people to help if they can so I am just doing my part to help.
The lawyer thing might be but we'll just have to see how that plays out.
Take care and may God Bless you and the family.

HAPPY STEEMIVERSARY on Tuesday! Have you got a big post planned? 😊


I am kicking a couple things around. It probably won't be any bigger than usual in terms of size, but I am not 100% sure yet. Thanks for the congats, if I make it until then.

I wasn't surprised to hear that your son didn't hear back in the allotted time. I still smell a rat in that one. I would be almost tempted to check out that lawyer. If he is indeed a lawyer then there is something shady there.

Congratulations on your poker win! Every once in a while, it doesn't hurt to toot your own horn! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your team, maybe they will be able to pull off a win sooner than you think!

I hope @trucklife-family is doing better. Sometimes life deals us a rotten hand and I think she is doing well with what she has been dealt.

Thanks to you and @janton, I will be following @willymac too!

@ericvancewalton is a pretty cool guy too. I already follow him. Glad he sent your friend Gene a book on meditation. Very thoughtful...

I think I have babbled on long enough, @sutnpapper! See ya over at #steemitbloggers


Thank you my dear, I've been known to "toot" but that is whole different subject and might be considered TMI as the kids now abbreviate everything.
He is definitely a lawyer, I checked him out. Member of the BAR here in Texas for 30 years, so he has plenty of experience in being a dirt bag in my opinion. Also probably has plenty of money to work some shady things like setting up a couple of other businesses like a collection agency but I haven't looked into the ownership of that business yet, I might in the not to distant future if the boy doesn't hear back from them in response to his request of them for evidence.
We are meeting some great people lately over at #steemitbloggers for sure and really can't say enough good things about Eric, he is the person who started the #blockchainmemoryproject here on steemit that has become real popular so he is really cool in my opinion as well.
I will see you soon over in the chat room. I have a little more catching up to do first.

Well, lets move the guzbuck to the front of the line. Pete Rose said it in his playing days, I agreed then and now. "It ain't bragging if you can do it."

I know just how hard it is to run to the top in tournament poker. Any tournament. I may or may not have played an occasional hand myself. I never got into the electronic game, and haven't even tried it in several years. Maybe I ought to try it again with a fresh attitude.

Which brings me to the word. Guzbuck. I like it. My mouth spits out an occasional hearty FY but I've trained my fingers pretty well so it hardly ever shows in my writing. Which means a substitute might be in order from time to time and I'll use your word.

One of my nephews was about 8 or 10 when he tried a word out around his Mom. Didn't work out real good for him at the time, but he did invent a word he could use. Jackhole. Me and my brother still use it once in a while and it's been better'n 25 years since he first used it. It has withstood the test of time.

I am happy to see that the guzbucking lawyer let it die, though I'd have loved to hear the justification story. Some times easier is better.

You know how I feel about your SBI initiative, and I thank you for doing it. It's a truly good thing.

I hope you don't mind that I used guzbuck gratuitously here. Simply trying to get the guzbucking feel of it so I can use it appropriately.

Thanks for all of it!


Thanks for your continued support, Pete was a player and I think the league has guzbucked him long enough in my opinion.
I don't know about the lawyer either but if the "collection agency" doesn't respond in the next week or so their 30 days will be past too and then I might just think it was a scam or they aren't working for the doctor group and be as you offered in the original where the tax implications for the doctors are part of the equation and they sell it without ever even as much as sending a bill.
Not a problem with the use of the word, practice makes perfect. Would hate for you to look like a jackhole for using it improperly in a situation, that could be embarrassing.
You might want to give the poker another try at some time, the online game here isn't like all the other free online games where it is all in all the time because something of value is on the line and people realize that and take the game seriously. There are some good players on here too, it isn't an easy field of players to get through I can tell you that.

Tuesday will mark day 365 of the Daily Dose of Sultnpapper

Woo hooo, congratulations! You are doing a great job with your daily dose and so lovely of you to be giving up SBI shares 💚


Thanks Zen , this has been a learning experience for me for sure. Really appreciate the compliment on the daily dose. Just trying to give back a little to the steemit community for the support I have received here with the SBI shares each week.

Well, thank you so much for the flattering mention in the Saturday SBI, @sultnpapper. And also more thanks to @janton for his initial boost, and to @cecicastor and @dollarsandsense for the resulting follows.

An congrats to you also, brand new Mr. Steemit Blogger! All kinds of good stuff happens when you pound so many keys every day and let the coherence roll!

And thanks for referencing When the Financial System Collapses. I know most people would rather not focus on what may seem to be a "far out" scenario, but we all really need to understand that it is by far the most likely and most dangerous event to happen to all of us and there is little at all that can be done to prevent it...and the danger of it being triggered increases every single day. It's a projection; not a fantasy.

As @dollarsandsense suggested, it is the basic pemise of a "gloom and doom" book I have on Amazon - Sterling: For the Republic. It's 470 pages of what happens to hard working, decent people, when everything breaks. (Spoiler: none of it is good). Unless you consider that The Republic of Texas happens to be the hero!

It's really nice to meet all of y'all, and I'll second that there's some mighty nice, intelligent, and semi-normal folks over on Steemit Bloggers! Maybe someday...

And by the way, I do have some Texas creds, as I have proudly documented for the permanent record.



Sorry I am so late on replying here, I got a look at it yesterday morning and then let it slip through the cracks. I like your Texas creds, we really are good accommodating folks down here in Texas. I think we need to set up a border crossing though to our west and start turning back some of these folks from California, the are more dangerous to Texas than the ones coming in from the south border.
The Republic of Texas is actually alive and well, despite the FBI raid on the leadership back on February 14th of 2015. We may not be able to save the country, your country, but we will damn sure save ours; Texas, the Republic.


I'm with you on limiting the Liberal inflow that seems to be steadily increasing. I can understand getting out of Cali,but the people fleeing are mostly those who caused the moonglow problems they're trying to leave. Infecting the rest of the US of A is not helping anyone.

I also don't have any objections against legal immigrants from below the border. Lots of them around here working. They are good family people and they work hard and do what they say they will do. They usually make other groups look bad.

I worry about the country I grew up in. The corruption is so pervasive, the incompetent politicians have been spending without restraint, and the social engineering has it all to the point where a collapse and reset is the only solution.

When that begins, I prefer to make a future in the Republic since that is the bastion of what was the USA. Y'all keep the gates open on this side!

I know that the Texas Bullion Depository is up and running and that is a mighty strong draw for for those who still believe in Constitutional money.


Just so you know the Republic of Texas already has minted coin rounds in gold, silver, and copper. I carry a copper one in my pocket every day.
Just saying....


Where do I get mine?


Go here for instructions,http://thetexasrepublic.com/economy-coins-and-trade/currency-exchange/ , I don't know that you they will ship outside the Republic of Texas or not but there is an email address you can inquire too.
Also look around the site, very good information that is available to learn from.


Thank you for the link. I looked around and read a big portion of it. I'll inquire about the silver bullion coins.

Interesting folks with a mission!


Texans are an interesting breed of people, and it is a mission that takes time.

Thanks for the mention my friend. I hope Gene finds the book useful and it helps him in his recovery. Speaking of books...how's the audiobook coming along?


I have to get back to listening to it, I am right at where they paid off the guards to climb the pyramid and they just finished the climb and are heading out into the desert.
I got side tracked from it but I am on the road this week so I will get some more done on it.
Thanks for reminding me. You are most welcome for the mention.


I got sidetracked too. I started reading the book, Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Albright (which is a great read.) Now that I'm back home I'll resume my audiobook sessions at the gym. : )


I am actually in Corpus Christi tonight and have mine ready to go as well. But I have a book review due in a few hours so I may not get far into it tonight. Have you ever read the 911 Commission Report book?

howdy sir sultnpapper! I'm a little behind on my reading, trying to keep up with a couple hundred people a day, but I finally got back to this blog and saw that about the sbi share! Thank you so much! It's great appreciated and I also like that you recommended willymac's excellent post on the financial collapse and agree that everyone should read that!
thank you sir!


Not a problem @janton I give credit where credit is due and sometimes it even pays dividends. How could I not recommend Will's post? That is some of the best reading and advice a person could find on here. People might not want to accept it but that won't change anything when it happens and at some point it will, it isn't a matter of "if", it is just a matter of "when".


howdy back sir sultnpapper! yes sir...willymac's post should be required reading for everyone on steemit or in the United States, he makes an extremely convincing article.


I could not agree more with that.