DaieSthaiWar: The basics of the game + Game impressions + suggestions

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The basics of the game

The game is based on battles 5vs5 (two teams of 5 players that will face each other), in which the "arks" are the protagonists. In each team there will be a leader, which will be chosen randomly among the members of the team, and the main objective is to defeat the leader of the opposing team, for which it will be necessary to create strategies with the other members of your team.

There are no gameplays yet, but if there is a small trailer of the game:

Official Game Trailer

What are the arks?

Arcs are the "combat ships" within the game, which have different attributes that allow us to create strategies when sending them into battle. There are a variety of arks available, which can be purchased in the game shop:

When you buy an ark, you will need to equip it with weapons and spells, which you can also buy in the store, but unlike the arks, these come in the form of packs of different rarities.:

Once you have bought an ark and some weapons or spells, you can see them in the "my set" tab:
my set.PNG


Game details:

Map of the game:

Days ago, some details of the map of the game were revealed, which is the place where our arks will meet and fight against the other teams. The map is not yet finished, as it has different sections that will have a specific function in the game as I read, such as the launching bases (it will be the place where our coffers will wait for the other members of the team before the battle ) . To know more about the different sections of the map, you can see the official announcement: DaieSthaiWar On Steem Blockchain : Game Map


For the moment they have provided a bit of information regarding the gameplay of the game:

"Each and every ark will start from the launching base waiting for the matchmaking, once all the 10 players are in, The planet of secrets will provide every player with the great power of the ark then both teams will automatically advance to the big base, from that moment it’s all up to you warriors to decide the fate of the battle. Before entering the battle every player must choose his own weapons in his arranging space.
The planet of secrets contains the secrets of making the arks and it’s the one responsible for giving them the power that's why you’ll find the planet of secrets on both sides of the map."


This is an important function in the game, since from here you can buy and sell arks, weapons or spells to different players. It is not yet available but it is expected that there will be an announcement soon.


Game impressions

Although the game is in alpha phase, I loved the concept, the design of the coffers, weapons and spells, the graphics, the way in which the same game makes you create strategies to win the battles I love. The website is quite well designed and the loading speed is acceptable.



I would like to share some suggestions:


The arks of greater value should be included in packs with a low drop percentage, so I think there will be no disparity in the game between players who have a lot of money and can buy the best arks to have an advantage at the beginning of the game and players who have little money and they get discouraged soon because they can not have money to buy better arks.


I would like that within the map, at the end of a fight there would be a drop of weapons or spells for the winning team. In this way it can help to reinforce and diversify better the attacks of the arks, besides it would be a good incentive for the players to create different strategies.


For more information:

Official Account: @daiesthaiwar
Website: Daiesthai War
Discord: https://discord.gg/em62d9r

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