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RE: The Alpha release of DaieSthai War the 3D PvP blockchainGaming experience on STEEM Blockchain

in #daiesthaiwar5 years ago

@ats-david ,@lordbutterfly, we understand all the doubts and hestitations surrounding investing in our game as we are well aware of the previous bad experiences with games on steem blockchain. We may not be as experienced or as you said "serious devs" but we're trying our best to deliver a good product and we hope that we will grow in experience as the game grow . Yet we believe in our dev team and his ability to improve and in our ability to deliver. We're counting on the steemit community to keep us honest and we'll share our progress in full transparency in future posts .
Thank you both for your feedback.


Nothing against you guys. Just trying to spread a bit of awareness. Maybe you make a knockout game, maybe you dont, im just saying that people should be cautious...

@lordbutterfly We fully understand that and we hope that we gain your and the community's trust as the game grow.

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