Bounty: Cannot create a DAI CDP. Why?

in dai •  10 months ago


I am trying to to create a DAI CDP to test the waters and see how they work?

However it has taken me over a day to get all these token allowances to green (not really sure what this does) and now I am not able to create a CDP.

Can anyone explain to me why?


I think this was just a result of the lag of ethereum transactions.

Later in the day i was able to access the CDP and use it successfully. It just shows to me how ETH is not good to use in any application that is made for end users.

As I took the screenshot, i had already created the CDP but it had not shown up in the list, which is what confused me.

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You already solved your problem? With all green the only thing I could think of is downtime like others also suggested

Maybe it is down for maintainance

This often happens if the value of Ether drops. Maybe you don't have enough to back up your CDP anymore, just give it time. The system will automatically sort itself out.


No this was before i even put collateral into it. It was just a bug/lag. the whole system was super slow. it took me 2 days to switch on all the green toggles


Well good luck, I know it's discouraging but what you learn and put up with now will pay off exponentially in the future

I have no clue why but I am interested in seeing the responses.

i don't understand anything myself

Lo siento amigo pero no puedo ayudarte.

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I can't understand . where is your problem.. I share with you DAI-CDP creation process :

Maybe you shouldn't bother with that stuff.

There can be couple of reasons. Sometimes, it can be down for maintenance resulting you not able to create CDP. You try to google to find out for you since you are not getting very good solution. I found this with your cdp id) to make sure the owner of the cdp is the same address as your Metamask account's address. Last way is to contact the owner to find out what was the technical problem.

I tried to understand but i couldn't, sorry mate

Repite otra vez con cuidado, a si veras donde esta el error, un abrazo @btc-dialog