Dad Tip of the Day: Piggy Banks

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Dad Tip of the Day: Teach kids about money and how to use it responsibly at an early age, starting with the piggy bank.

Did you have a piggy bank growing up? I certainly did. My piggy bank was always being raided though, as I had important purchases to make at the corner gas station, such as Fun Dips, candy bars and Cokes!

Helping kids understand money at an early age will benefit them later in life. If kids think money grows on trees, then they will be prone to overspending and getting themselves in trouble (not to mention spoiled). If kids think money is to be hoarded because it is so scarce, they will miss out on opportunities to have fun in life. Striking the right balance of fun and responsible is something that parents need to teach their kids (and hopefully they have figured it out themselves!).

In our house, we are teaching our kids that money is earned. An example is that an allowance is earned when chores are done well. Once that money is earned, the next step is what to do with it. We are teaching them to give a portion to charity, save some, and then figure out how much is reasonable to have fun with. Aside from no living expenses being factored, this is essentially the same budgeting technique we adults use.

Adding hard earned money to the piggy bank is something that kids will learn to take pride in. It also helps having generous grandparents, as our kid’s piggy banks are already full of big bills, in addition to the dollars and coins they are able to earn.

Talking about money and how to use it responsibly will get your kids far in life – start early!

Here are our kid’s piggy banks:



Would love to hear any tips or stories my steemit friends have as well!

Take care,


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Hi @brian.rrr

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this piggy bank looks to very wonderfull and this idea really very best for every children.everyday sharing very best idea in your blog.i apply doing this idea for my child if learning how is money save and deposite.obviously he when big being he is not waste money.he perfect timing work doing give money and being very big person in the world.of course rich man one of them.i think that,every parents if apply doing this rules for their children her child very early developing their life It's a wonderful gift for Kendra and Jacob. I appreciate your beautiful choice. thanks to sharing for your great idea post today.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you and your family.specially your cute child kendra and jacob, best wishes alltime stayed with you.i wish that,you stayed doing live long happily with your dear friend.. @brian.rrr

If you can teach your kids to handle money and get their butts out of bed with an alarm clock they will be way ahead of 80% of their peers when they turn 16. When my wife was pregnant she read all kinds of scary books about childhood rashes and potty training. I read The First National Bank of Dad. It is a very smart book about how to teach your kids about money.

One of the basic concepts is that a kids idea of the future is much shorter than yours, so the benefits of saving have to come much more quickly. Asking your kid to save a dollar in a bank account to get an extra penny in a year is not going to teach the lesson you want her to learn. The solution is that you start your own bank for your kid and pay an interest rate that is appropriate for her age.

Teaching the importance of money to the little ones is something that all parents should do to be able to show them responsibility at all times. Some simple task, some help over there in the kitchen and some money in the piggy bank.

It is a good idea to avoid some loss of bills or coins and a fun way to keep track of them. Little by little they will be grabbing practice and will be able to manage their small "expenses" in a better way in the future.

I think many of us here agreed that we had a children's store. I liked that, so you could save a little when you wanted to buy something. My children also liked to buy them with different decorations.

This teaches children to gather and work so they want great way to teach them to have some control over money

Good night

It is important that children learn to save in addition to learn at the same time how to earn money in a good way and that it also takes work to do it

This teaches them and prepares them for when they are big to work for what they want

I like the supplies of small the had my daughter does not have because in my country it is very difficult to save the money is devalued so we no longer have that sense of saving in bolivares that is the currency of the country but you have to save in dollars

It is important to teach children about money and its use

I think we all had a piggy bank whenever I wanted to have a pig like Kendra's but I never had one of my own, or kind of a big box with some cartoon decoration

But I do not complain I always had one and I wanted to fill it up, this reminds me of my childhood

I want to give an fun tip and that is, PIGGY CRYPTO BANK. And you said absolutely true about the teachings of money to children in young age only, and we saw in many cases where due to lack of teachings when children grow up they take money as granted and this situation can prove disastrous.

And if children get to know about the importance of money then they will showcase responsibility towards handling the money and also they can pass this chain of teachings and responsibility to coming generations.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I had 300$ in mine and my mom put it in my savings

Piggy Banks look so beautiful. It's a wonderful gift for Kendra and Jacob. I appreciate your beautiful choice.

agree here , strike the right balance and there will grow to appreciate money more

Piggy bank is good to children to collent money. nice post. thanks for share

The savings is really great
Makes the child more successful

Hello Friend! What nice tips, I like how focused they are on parenting and good values.
Your children will be clear about the value and importance of money.

Your children's stores are very nice, they are happy and excited for the savings ... My daughters, when they started filling some boxes, looked for coins anywhere to fill it.

Without a doubt it is a great advice, all the children should have a go, so in the future they will have savings and know the satisfaction of being able to acquire objects with their own money, and give them the value that makes it easy to ask for.

I love this tips, it is important to create the habit of the value of money in children.

I had piggy banks as a child. I use to love when it was time to break it open and see how much I had saved. My total earnings would add to around 100 plus dollars. From all the things I had to do around the house and a special bonus, If I got a 100 on a test. It did teach me that money is earned and not just giving to you. Great post.

It is good to see how you teach this to your children, from an early age it is essential that they learn about it for the future.

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