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Dad Tip of the Day: Help kids explore their creative and imaginative side by encouraging them to play with things like chalk and play-doh.

Kids initially see the world as black and white, and have a sweet innocence about them. As they get older, they start to develop thoughts and opinions, and also begin to develop the creative side of their brain.

Encouraging a child’s creative side has many benefits. I found a good article online that talks about some of the benefits of playing with chalk:

The article talks about the following 3 benefits of playing with sidewalk chalk:

  • Enhances Academic Knowledge (develops color recognition; sorting; matching; shapes, etc)

  • Improves Fine Motor Skills (hand/eye coordination; pictures; penmanship)

  • Encourages a Love of Art (helps them appreciate the importance and expand their imagination)

Here are my kids playing with some sidewalk chalk (Jacob often likes to play with his helmet on because his constantly jumping on and off his bike!)


They also love playing play-doh and creating their own masterpieces!

So encourage kids to get creative!

I appreciate you coming by today!


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Greetings cute Kendra and Jacob. You are right sir @brian that playing is very important to enhance kid's brain and their personality. They get the first lesson when they lose in game and learn how to win. They also get entertainment. Thanks for sharing the educative article.

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How beautiful your children ... I like to support their growth and creativity.

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