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Hello steemits today i am going to explain you AGORAS what's is this read the blog to know ❤️

What is Agoras

Agoras will be a fully featured intelligent economy revolving around the production, distribution and pricing of knowledge, thereby aligning monetary incentives with Tau’s capabilities over which it is constructed. Agoras will also share Tau’s dynamic architecture, allowing its parameters to be amended based on the community's desire in real time. In addition, it will feature a computational resource market as well as advanced financial tools such as a derivatives exchange that allows risk-free interest with zero inflation.

Computational Resources Market

The combined computational power of all the servers of Google, Apple and Facebook is only a tiny fraction of the total processing power of the hundreds of millions of smartphones and PCs sitting idle in the hands of ordinary users. To enable users of the Tau network to tap into this unharnessed resource, a rental market for computational processing power will be built in Agoras

Advanced Financial Tools

Agoras economy will naturally contain various types of players, such as hardware owners/renters, knowledge owners/buyers, miners and exchanges, where each player has his own hedging needs. Our economy will contain an advanced and electronic derivatives market that absents any leverage and allows risk-free interest, without the need to print new “money” (tokens).

Automated Businesses

By leveraging the power of Tau, Agoras participants will have access to a vast wealth of knowledge on every imaginable topic like the economy, law, society and information about merchants and their goods available on the market. It can then operate as user’s personal automatic businessman, intelligently tailoring complex deals in a manner that provides them a competitive edge

Efficiency and Fairness

The efficiency of a market is first and foremost a function of the speed at which information propagates within that market. As our economy is entirely online, information can flow quickly and freely so we can expect Agoras to be highly efficient. This creates a fairer market in terms of information availability being more even. Another aspect of fairness is that resources on our network are typically bought by larger entities and sold by the wider audience: larger players are more likely the ones who need to rent millions of computers and are willing to pay for the unique knowledge held by the user-base, while smaller participants can simply rent out their idle computing power. We can therefore expect to see money flowing in the right direction: from the rich to the poor.

Our Future Cryptocurrency (AGRS)

Agoras will be the coin of natural and artificial knowledge over the new online society that we are building. Agoras will represent all tradable knowledge and computational resources on the network, while acting as the first monetary market to acquire risk-free interest without printing new money.
Agoras efficiency will allow us to have a well-priced derivatives market to allow hedging, price-stability, and risk-free interest.

I hope you enjoy the read thank you if you like it please resteemit and votes up.

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