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Hi folks,

After falling victim to @therealwolf 's scams and theft I've decided to end my little steemit experiment but before I do I'd like to arrange a face to face in real life meeting with this lying stealing scumbag of a human and to help facilitate that I thought a good ole fashioned bounty might be in order.

15 silver pieces and 1 small silver bar (~$350 USD)to anyone that can arrange an irl f2f meeting for me. I'm retired at 32 and just wanted to game and sail my life away as I progressed(hopefully) along the great path. I have nothing but time and patience and not a lot but not a little resources to help me on my way. Taking down a scamming scumbag that steals from abused childrens charities seems like a decent way to spend my free time.

Want to do something good for the world. Help me make it known that scamming abused childrens charities is unacceptable. Texas Style.

Note : if you'd prefer crypto that can certainly be arranged btc/eth/ltc and a few alt options are available if you don't like the silver. Just thought it had a fun quality to it. Silver bounty for scumbag.


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