Sunday morning road bike ride, setting segment PR's

in cycling •  4 months ago

So I set out today to set a personal record if I felt good at the time that I arrived at the Strava segment. I usually do not go for any records on the bike unless the conditions are 'right' and I also feel pretty good. Like not tired or too hot due to the weather.

Los Gatos High School mascot, a wild cat.

Nearing the top of the climb before the segment, the sweat started dripping down my face. A few cars past, then just before the top I noticed another car coming up. I sped up as the grade was only 3-4% or so, I got honked at by the car as I was in the middle of the one lane road. I waved my hand up to acknowledge him and then it was the downhill. I did not want the car to pass me because it would be in my way on the DH as they typically do not speed going around turns, especially the speeds a road bike can achieve on a -8% grade.

I felt pretty good, so I went full gas for the segment and ended up 26th out of 2681. 1.26 miles at a -5% grade in 2 minutes and 13 seconds, average speed of 34 mph with a top speed of 46 mph. Mission accomplished. The 53-11 gearing is what is needed as I have done this DH on a 50-11 and a 52-11. First time pushing it on the 53-11 and set a PR.

There is another shorter segment on this DH which starts from the top and is a short -8% grade. I'm in 4th place out of 5190. There is a reason why people do not like to bomb this section as there is a downhill right turn where your going 40 mph +. If a car coming the other way is over the middle line, there may be a 'little' accident...

The ride was 30 miles and 1500 feet of climbing. A very nice 74* morning for riding.

GPS data uploaded to Strava

I rolled through a farmers market which had the usual food items. This is olive oil that is infused with a variety of flavors.

At the florist

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@glennolua Your climbing is great, congratulations for your excellent physical condition and for feeling good about your performance, olive oil is the best for salads and healthy meals, beautiful flowers with an incredible colorful, happy Sunday.


Hi, glad you enjoyed my post. It's too bad that I'm on a bike as I can't purchase a lot of items at the market. The olive oil is really good, they have samples!


@glennolua Bueno another day you can buy when you have another means of transport where you can take more, you know there is a lot of variety, if I enjoy your publications very much and know more about your country and state where you live that nature and landscape are beautiful.

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