The Cycling Sessions Part 7- Indian Summer Lucerne -Zug-Lucerne

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Autumn is in the sky, which means winter is lurking around the corner. My neverending Swiss summer full with outdoor activities is coming into an end due to shifting of weather. This weekend extreme weather is coming to the Alps, which means I will spend the weekend mostly indoors.(and I can tell you, Im not really good at that). So when it was perfect Indian Summer weather, I decided to take the bike for a spin to enjoy the views with still leaves on the trees, before they all get blown of this weekend.


My bike had been parked for weeks after I had moved because it was mostly built in in construction stuff around my building. Not that this really mattered, it's just a lame excuse why I didn't use my beloved two-wheeler enough the last couple of weeks. But reality is that it was parked in a construction site, leaving it covered with dust as you might see ;)


The route was as most of my rides undefined until I actually started riding. I decided to take the route to Zug, AKA cryptovalley of Switzerland tot visit a friend for a beer (which I didn't even know for certain if my friend was even there that day, AND if my friend would even be available for a beer on midday weekdays, but hey....If not, at least I got a nice ride right???)

Leaving Lucerne on the way to Kussnacht am Rigi on the bounds of the Vierwaldstattersee I had the most beautiful views of the mountains which were all slightly mysteriously covered in mist rising up from the lake. This happens a lot in autumn because the water temperature is warmer in the nights than the airtemperature. Usually this mist fades away during the day leaving beautiful mountain moments.

Once in Kussnacht I had the choice of taking the Westbanks of the Zugersee, or going a bit South towards the city or Arth and from there on take the East banks of the Zugersee. Because I had never been on the Eastside before nor with train or bike I decided to take the last route. Arth is not a very exciting city, and it has a train station Arth-Goldau that a lot of people know for transferring in the Central Alps, but that part is ugly AF. But hey, if you look at the picture underneith with the view of Arth is looks gorgeous right??


Leaving Arth I got a hold of my friend who was actually in Zug and willing to take a beer, I biked North at a very chill pace. Not many people drive this lake side road, because a bit higher there is a highway, and if you don't really have a reason to take this road, you won't. Better for me having the road to myself right?? Actually I would recommend this route to anybody honestly, with such beautiful sights of the backside of Mount Rigi and the Zugersee.


I started brainstorming on my road back already, because I had already biked around 40+ kilometers and also needed to get back ofcourse. Now trains here in Switzerland are very open to taking your bike inside, but I also saw that most trains where very occupied (you are able to see this in the train app, which absolutely love!!), which does not make it very appealing to take the train with my bike with me. Biking it is!

So after my beerbreak talking about hospitals, skiing, beers and crypto (shit these are really my favorite topics hahahahaha) I started to head home taking the Westside of the Zugersee and following the Reuss river back home to Lucerne through the forest. What a strange change of scenery actually, going from mountain and lake views to forest all of a sudden.


After about 15 kms I also was kind of fed up with this forest road because it was more of the same, the sun started to set with dropping temperatures and I was just getting tired. I really stepped on it heading home to make it a bit of a training lap.

Google Maps told me my lap was around 65 kms in total


Incredibly hungry but more than satisfied I reached home on this fantastic biking day, which really again proves just how beautiful my region is for cyclists.

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That first pic is absolutely stunning! Hopefully you have more days like these before you have to stay inside for the winter!

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Your pics just make me want to GO THERE. Oh, and pump up my own bicycle tires after a long lull with the broken arm. Loving your contributions, my dear. x

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Yes! Perfect description taking us all along for the ride @karinxxl, I love the pics too. As the seasons change for you the never-ending summer here heats up again after a short rainy season.

Thanks for inspiring me to share a picture diary of a day as a bicycle courier in Chiang Mai! Pedal on and ride for life sistar! 🚴💚


Yessssss please do amigo!!! Im looking forward to the Chiang Mai cycle sessions!