Golos transit (migration) process to CyberWay described

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Golos transit (migration) process to CyberWay took place Aug 15th 2019!

Dear Golos users! Golos Core team had been working so hard on making this happen over the past few months. Not to mention the sleepless nights and tons of code - it all made sense, we’re so immensely happy it happened.

By no means, the creation of CyberWay, a new blockchain platform based on EOS logic, will leave a memorable mark in the entire blockchain history. We did not simply launch the blockchain but we transferred an entire Golos blockchain history that spans almost 3 years to CyberWay blockchain to ensure the new technological path for Golos that was supported by stakeholders on the referendum (https://steemit.com/golos/@golos/referendum-results) held in April. We are immensely proud to be a part of such a large-scale event!

As you may know, the transit itself was carried out according to step-by-step instructions given in our [validators’ manual] (https://golos.io/cyberway/@goloscore/rukovodstvo-dlya-delegatov-po-tranzitu-blokcheina-golos).
0.21.0 HardFork version was installed before the actual transit on the nodes of most Golos witnesses, allowing them to commit to the process of voting.

Each Golos witness had to take a crucial step of advocating on the direction of further Golos blockchain development. Meaning taking a pace of supporting the decision of the majority of Golos stakeholders, recorded at the April 2019 referendum (i.e.voting for the sake of further Golos development considering the brand new technological basis of CyberWay protocol) either speaking out against the majority of stakeholders’ will.

It was necessary to collect at least 16 out (of 19 top witnesses) for the sake of correspondence to the fact that 75% of witnesses need the confirmation in order to advance the finalizing block of the chain: 16/21 = 76.19%). We were excited to receive the results as the vocalized majority promptly did vote for transit. Within the first hour and a half after launching the voting process, 16 witnesses have confirmed their transit support.

We’re so grateful for those indifferent ones who joined the Golos stakeholders discussions and portrayed a commitment in in-depth understanding of CyberWay blockchain developed by Golos Core team.

The following 16 top witnesses (listed below in alphabetical order) voted for the migration of the Golos to CyberWay chain: @creator, @denis-skripnik, @dmilash, @goloscore, @golosio, @kuna, @ladyzarulem, @lex , @primus, @ropox, @steepshot, @stihi-io, @vik, @vvk, @yudina-cat, @xtar.

As soon as the votes of 16 witnesses were received, preparations for the actual transit has started (such as terminating the Golos blockchain nodes).

The 29585430 block has shaped the CyberWay genesis https://github.com/cyberway/cyberway.launch/blob/master/genesis.json#L28 ("initial_chain_id": "00000000000000000000000001c37016e410f925f188401ea072b29e0d27a382")

meaning it has initialized the process of data migration to CyberWay chain and became the Golos chain assignee.

At that particular instance the main branch of Golos blockchain has quit the Golos tokens emission also blocking the inclusion of new transactions in generated blocks these it would become possible to initialize these processes within the Golos application at the very start of CyberWay chain.

Last Irreversible Block was indicated at the 29586410 block, thereby fixing the procedure of migration from the Golos to CyberWay blockchain.

Graphene library lays in the basis of both Golos and CyberWay blockchains (although it’s generations are slightly different).

The 2.4 Graphene in Golos blockchain allows two or more blockchain branches of an alternative transaction history (with the same network identifier) to coexist. Each alternative branch advocates the finalizing block (LIB) in accordance with the consensus reached in the particular block branch. However, this usually leads to a node operating problem in individual chain since they tend to switch to the less suitable branch. To sidestep this issue, nodes supporting an alternative transaction history need to change their chain_id.

An alternative block history fork was being handled by Golos Classic team (supporters of Golos development on Steam source code base) after voting process by the required number of delegates.
Two branches with the same network identifier formed in the same network, so that originally the blockchain node struggled to determine the main network chain. This peculiarity made it difficult to achieve the genesis for CyberWay blockchain. Consequently, the generation of the genesis files was completed at 16:37 PM Moscow time (UTC +3). According to this, the chain was finally launched in 3 minutes, at 17:00 PM.

The initial production of blocks schedule of CyberWay chain was predominantly formed by the witnesses of Golos blockchain who were first to install the software for CyberWay validators. It includes @nickshtefan, @creator, @goloscore, @golosio, @vik, @kuna, @ropox.

Final genesis files were published in the public domain at 17:00 Moscow time, in other words, CyberWay blockchain started at this momentum.

CyberWay blockchain genesis is based on the system state data of the Golos blockchain, recorded at the time of the actual transition which allows to consider CyberWay platform as the successor of Golos blockchain. This fact was recorded in the genesis (see ‘initial_chain_id’ which coincides with the Golos block identifier on which the voting for migration was finalized).

Not to mention, anyone is capable of duplicating the procedure for generating genesis from Golos blockchain into CyberWay blockchain

In the meanwhile, CyberWay blockchain is successfully functioning with the repository of the following validators:
@ladyzarulem, @anyx, @nickshtefan, @creator, @arcange, @ stihi-io, @goloscore, @kulturagolosa, @steepshot, @dmilash, @ denis-skripnik, @golosio, @mommo, @vik, @kuna, @ lex, @ropox, @xtar.

We’d love to spread our gratitude out to all Golos users since Aug 15th event can be considered pioneering in the blockchain history.

Thank you to everyone who cares about both Golos and CyberWay, who had been no indifferent to our biweekly reports, left their feedback and believed that we will nail it!
We’re proud to be working on CyberWay shoulder to shoulder with the Golos IO dev team. It was such an honorable experience!

P.S. Last but not least, we wish all the best to Golos classic blockchain which has managed to separate independently from the major Golos chain!