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This post is a translation of the original @goloscore post via @golos dated by 22nd of April 2019:

Dear Golos community members!

April 21, at 9.07 a.m. Moscow time, the voting on the transit of Golos blockchain to CyberWay blockchain came to an end.

We are honored to have activity demonstrated by users and stackers of the platform. With a turnout of 53.76%, the decision to transit to CyberWay was supported by 53.52% of the voters.

We express our gratitude to everyone who had examined the materials presented earlier (posts, instructions, manuals, etc.) and portrayed his/her indifference in regards to platform’s destiny expressing their opinion - for or against the transition.

We kindly remind you that the issue of moving the current Golos to the CyberWay blockchain with the launch of Golos application on it was put to the vote. The reasoning for the proposed solution consisted of the following:

  • the technical imperfection of the current blockchain;
  • blockchain and client technical inseparability;
  • inflexibility in terms of changing the codebase;
  • an economic model that does not contribute to the growth of the value of the platform;
  • the inability to create different applications with different tokens;
  • low competitiveness compared to the other blockchains that allow you to create applications on smart contracts.

The wording of the question proposed for the referendum was as it follows:

“Do you support the transit of Golos classic blockchain to the CyberWay blockchain with the launch of Golos application with the distribution of tokens proposed and the simultaneous cancellation of nodes of Golos classic?”

It was proposed to consider the decision as supported by the community if user accounts voted for it, at the time of the end of voting at least 50% + 1 token of the platform’s voting stack would be voted on it, provided that token holders would participate in at least 50% of the total stack platforms (minimum turnout).

It was proposed to consider the stack of user accounts as the aggregate stack of the platform, with the exception of active exchange accounts (@bittrex, @kunaio, @rudex, @livecoin). In order to calculate the mentioned stack, all tokens were derived from the Golos - GBG, SG - were converted to GOLOS tokens.

The holders of Golos tokens with at least 0.001 GOLOS amount listed on their balance participated in the vote (0.001 or less of Golos token have ~ 10190 accounts on their balance, of which ~ 7230 have zero balance). User accounts voted, with the exception of active exchange accounts (@bittrex, @kunaio, @rudex, @livecoin), including twins, accounts of bots, communities, organizations, and other private and collective accounts.

The voting technique was as follows - if the user supports the migration, he transferred 0.001 GOLOS to @golosvotingyes account; if he was against it, he transferred 0.001 GOLOS to @golosvotingno account (special technical accounts were created for this process by our team).

A single user account was given an opportunity to vote once during the voting period set; tokens sent simultaneously to both technical accounts did not participate in the calculation. The revoting option was excluded.

The voting period was set to 10 calendar days - from April 12, 2019 (9:07 Moscow time, the time of the launch of the Vostok-1 spacecraft) to April 21, 2019 (9:07 Moscow time).

The results

Tokens from 252 users were received on @golosvotingyes account, 252 accounts with a total stack of 53.52% voted.
Tokens from 33 users were received on @golosvotingno account, 33 accounts with a total stack of 0.24% voted.
Thus, holders of Voice tokens with a stack of 53.52% voted in favor of transit. “Against” - 0.24%. The total turnout was 53.76%. The decision to transit to CyberWay is considered to be supported and accepted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the referendum. We recognize that each user had their own reasons for voting - however, the community has shown its active position.

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