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I am writing this blog with a video presentation in participation with @surpassinggoogle's (Sir Terry) last post. The post was about Sir Terry's movement in an attempt to implore the team, an Asian-based cryptocurrency exchange, which is very popular here in our country, the Philippines, if it would be possible to add Steem and Steem Backed Dollar to their exchange., with its user interface being what it is right now, adding Steem-based cryptocurrencies and exchanging Steem/SBD to Philippine peso would be a lot faster and can be done easily even if you don't have the profound knowledge for trading. Also, this would be very beneficial to both Steemians in the country and in Asia, as well as the team.

In the video that I made below, you will see as to how many Filipino Steemians earning SBD and that the hashtag Philippines has made it to top 50 in most used tags in Steemit. The Philippines already earned about 516,167.940 SBD, that's already more than 51 million in Philippine peso.

This is already an assurance that we can show to the team that there will be more and more Filipinos that will use Steem and SBD in exchanging cryptocurrency. That’s already a lot of members using especially since those that have just started this year are new to cryptocurrency cannot sign up now to forex exchange sites like Bittrex, Poloniex, and such due to the large demand of users and these sites cannot cater new sign-ups. There's also the case of their new exchange site which is still in beta,

This integration will indeed be beneficial for both parties, will have more transactions and for us, Steemians will have faster and easier exchange transactions with lesser fees to pay.

Below is the video that i made where i talked about my experiences with and my views on Steem-based cryptocurrency.

Thank you for your time reading and watching this. I am hoping that my fellow Steemians here in the Philippines will participate in sir Terry’s movement and to support his projects. Thank you very much and have a great day ahead!


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Such a good iniative of you to support this movement of surpassinggoogle. Shalom @iamkuyaj


thank you 😊

Thanks for the informations. It really help a lot for us newbies. A big thanks also for sir @surpassinggoogle for the initiative.


you are welcome. 😊

Very good way to supporting @surpassinggoogle advocacy and promo steem in and cxcoin


indeed. thanks.

Nice video, you clearly explained it :)


thanks ma'am @saskia :)
i had help, that's why. hehe

Ang galing galing po! 👍
Tulong na lang ako magparating nito sa Coins Asia shy ako sa cam eh at bulol ako hehe tweeted.


maraming salamat po ma'am @pinay
pwede ka man din mag gawa ng presentation kahit hindi nakikita yung face niyo ma'am. hehe


O kaya magmascara po ako noh 😅


pwede. haha

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


you're welcome