The Case of Liberty and Posterity. Why I signed The Declaration of Currency Independence, and you should too.

in currency •  6 months ago

Individuals, such as myself, have been burdened with the task of eternally protecting the Liberties and Natural Rights that are inherent within all humans. Natural Rights, with the recognition of property rights, is the underlying basis and foundation to Liberty. From this we gather that an individual’s wealth is now, and forever in the future, an integral part of their private property. Unfortunately for us, the confiscation of wealth has been occurring within a system that has taken root in our society long before we took our first breath. Fractional Reserve Banking, along with government-controlled Fiat currencies around the world, have covertly deprived all individuals of their net worth by way of quantitative easing, inflation, and eventually leading to a final phase of crack-up boom. This can be seen throughout different stages in history such as but not limited to, Colonial America, The Weimar Republic (post WWI), Hungary (post WWII), and even as recent as the currency crisis in Zimbabwe circa 2009, and Venezuela currently. As history has shown, Central Banks and the governments in which they work in tandem, are inherently inflationary. The current state of economic affairs is based solely on the predatory efforts of both parties, leading to individuals having their wealth confiscated in secret, or eventually by compulsion. So, we ask ourselves “If this has become the standard operating procedure for those who control the money supply, and its arbitrary valuation; how do we break the chains and obtain Liberty over not only ourselves, but also our wealth?”
Enter Cryptocurrency.
October 2008 was when the genesis of financial freedom was published. Sataoshi Nakamoto, along with others, created the first ever trustless Peer to Peer electronic cash system. Within the framework of the Bitcoin ecosystem, the obligation for banks, corporations, or any other mediary was not needed to participate in a voluntary transaction with another individual across the room, or across the globe. This sparked the desire for those seeking financial freedom following the financial crisis realized in 2008-2009. In the following years, other projects have been spawned by developers and communities to fill the gaps left by either mainstream financial institutions, or the Bitcoin network itself. Their potential and overall effect may eventually be realized just as in other forms of evolution and efficiency.
Recently, regulators and financiers have taken notice of the organic sustainable growth of Cryptocurrency, and its effectiveness. The calls for regulation, taxation, and outlaw of said technology shows the distinct awareness of the threat that these trustless systems pose to the mainstream financial channels. In response, the “Declaration of Currency Independence” was drafted with the distinct intent to ward off those who wish to encroach upon these newly discovered freedoms. Being one of the signatures, recorded within the blockchain, I have bestowed upon this great and noble cause a promise. I promise, to continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, and Financial Independence not just for me, but on behalf of every human being. This is the call for peaceful sedition and secession from fiat currencies, and their covert tactics of devaluation by way of collusion. My signature not only represents me and my intentions, but also my line in the sand.

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Good post but is there a link where others can sign?


Great call out. I updated the article to include a link to the document.

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Welcome to steem! . Killer post man. I wouldn't call myself ANCAP but i do share a lot of the thinking / beliefs.