🔎Curious Facts CONTEST#6 ❗️Get a RESTEEM and an UPVOTE+chance to WIN SBD 50% from post’s payout❗

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Hey there, previous contest got 12 great entries. Curious Facts initiative is blooming thanks to all of you Steemians willing to write quality content.

Search in #curiousfacts to get inspired and write a post with some fact. It could be anything about our world - animals, history, your country, the human body. Just anything you've read or you know and it's a fact! Please read the rules carefully and follow them.






OLD AND EDITED POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED (of course you are welcome to use the #curiousfacts tag when you like but only the first post and including the mentioned criterias above will count as an entry)

❗ALL POSTS WITH FIRST TAG #curiousfacts get a RESTEEM and my UPVOTE during the contest


🔝I am again giving 50% of this post's SBD after it pays out in 7 days.
The 3 entries having most upvotes not as a value but as a count of people who have upvoted them will equally share the PRIZE. Please do not beg others for upvotes and play fair.

🔝 If there are posts with equal upvote count they will again split their share. So it is very possible to have more than 3 winners.

ANY SUPPORT from WHALES 🐋 or DOLPHINS 🐬 to grow the contest’s prize pool would be much appreciated.

😁 This contest idea is not only posting and winning some rewards but building a stronger community connections by presenting some valuable information to each other. Shall we learn some new facts? Let's get started posting! 😁

See how the contest has developed in time and what great entries the previous editions have acquired:

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Curious Facts Contest #4

Curious Facts Contest #5

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Before i fall asleep , I hope my resteem helps you a bit , my upvote is not much as my power is low ! good luck with the contest , I will try to find time enter it soon !💕✌👍😀


Good night, dear @karenmckersie. 😊 Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude for your support.

Hi @river-island! I LOVE your Curious Facts Contest. If I wasn't helping to curate for @jerrybanfield, I'd join in. ;)

Dropped you a note in his Resteem-Request channel with a suggestion to add a list of your previous Contest series announcements at the end of each new one.

This would make it easier for peeps wondering whether to enter to click over to the previous series announcement and scroll through to see all the entries for those series.

I've also upvoted, resteemed and given your resteem request a Wink rating. Will also FB/Tweet this Contest announcement post.

Best of luck to all participants in this wonderfully engaging and informative addition to Steemit Contests and to also having this Contest announcement being resteemed by @jerrybanfield, @river-island. ;)


Hey there, I have followed your advise and have added the links. Also replied to your message in the channel. You and @jerrybanfield are doing some amazing work to support the community. Thank you isn’t enough to express how happy I am to see your comment. And if this post is resteemd by Jerry .... wow 😮 this would be the greatest thing ever happened to me here on Steemit. And I really hope my contest contrubutes to the community building even just a little.


Hey river-island, so great to connect with you via @jerrybanfield's channel. Great job. And thank you. It's a pleasure to be of assistance. Just trying to give a little help when I can with curation.

Jerry and his many partners and fans work hard to build Steemit and to help Steemians create success in simple, step-by-step ways. You are well on your way to doing that!

Your Contest contributes to building interaction and self expression here on Steemit, @river-island. That's why I love that you've taken the time to develop this wonderful Curious Fact Contest series. Bless you for all you're doing and Being.



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Do you know that we are moving on the fabric of space and time. This fabric curves/bends on the presence of a massive object on top of it. This curve on the fabric of space time determines these things; Gravitational pull of the heavenly body and Time if you were to live on that massive object. The more curved the fabric is, the bigger the gravitational pull, the slower the time.

When a massive star dies (Supernova) it will leave an object that is so small and massive that can curve the space time so badly that it actually looks like a Hole thus a black hole. In this hole the gravitational pull is so strong and the time stops.

but do you know that all galaxies have a black hole at the center of it? Do you have any idea why this is so?
Find out more on this blog that I made :)



With such an intro to your post I couldn’t resist on immediately click and read it. Thank you for that great entry. I have left a comment under your post as well. 😊


Thaankk youu so much @river-island i just really love the idea of this contest thats why i didnt hesitate to join

Thank you for organizing another great contest! I can not wait to enter it again! 💚


Huge thanks for the support. As usual you are not forgetting me. Much appreciated.


Hey, glad to. Contests help make Steemit better; you deserve kudos for running one.

Hey @river-island heres my entry for this week's contest. Content this time is very little but thats all what I got !!!


As soon as there some interesting facts it does not matter how little it is. Good luck my friend. 😊

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And thank you for you entry, dear! Happy to see you decided to join this week as well. I love your curious facts about animals.

nice post

I am glad that you joined to #diehardsteemit
Your contest is featured in our group and all members have been informed.
Have a wonderful day.


Thank you so much for the support. Much appreciated.

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What a great idea for a contest, im looking forward to reading all the curious facts people have to share 😊


And you are very welcome to join the contest. :)

Forgot to mention heres my entry to the contest too. I hope you like it ive upvoted and resteemed yoh contest too 😊


Thank you for participating in the contest. 😊 On my way to check your entry. Good luck.


Thank you 😊

I love this contest and will write my entry soon.


Can’t wait for your entry. 😊


Yeah you made it. 😊 On my way to check your entry.

Well crap, my last several blogs would have been perfect for this but I just found out it exists. I guess I'll have to bookmark you and keep an eye out for #7. Good luck to all the contestants.


You still have enough time to enter this week’s contest as well and you are very welcome to do so.😊 Happy to know you like the contest idea. Plannig to start #7 this Sunday.

Really nice contest. I love learning new things and would love others to learn too. Here is my entry for CURIOUS FACTS CONTEST #6. https://steemit.com/curiousfacts/@focusnow/curious-facts-contest-6-3-facts-you-should-know-about-windows-operating-system


Thank you. Have left a comment under your post. 😊


So nice to see an entry from you this week as weel. Good luck. 😊


Thank you 🙏 Have already upvoted, resteemd and left a comment under your post. And definitely learned something new. 😊