Trojan Wall application for curie support


As curie is supporting communities as well as authors on steemit, the members of the Trojan Wall have decided to apply for the support. So before I forget, I should mention @randomwanderings as written on Curie's page.

What is the trojan wall?

Trojan Wall is one of the newer communities founded in July 2018. Its goal is to support (relatively) new users with good content as well as introducing content creators from other platforms.

Members of our group are devoted to scouting and manually curating steemit users who are giving their best to create good quality content so each and every post that gets upvoted is read by at least one of the members.

Why do we seek support?

As the community consists mostly of new users whose steem power is under 50, it is natural for our community vote to be insignificant. This is why we are asking for the curie's support. Besides, what's the better way for upgrading a new community than asking a proven and great team of curators for support.

Why Trojan Wall?

Aside from bringing new members and supporting them, Trojan Wall is trying to implement direct democracy into our work. That means that all members can suggest which user will be rewarded as well as which post (and be rewarded for revealing good content).

This will make community members connect with each other better because people will connect with each other much better than in most of the communities.

How large are we?

Currently the Trojan Wall has around 40 members, 30 of the members are currently active and contributing to the community via curation trail or manual supporting the users. We aim to assemble a team of 50 - 100 active members who will contribute both to the community and new users.

How much support per month do we seek?

50 - 150 STEEM would be more than enough to kickstart the work of our community.

How will the support be used?

All the support will be used for increasing @trojanwall's steem power as it is the only ingredient we miss. It will be done either by buying upvotes from bots or by directly powering up (it will be decided by voting between our members).

How to reach us?

The discord contact of the founder is: @modern-trojan#6016

If anyone wants to contact other members or join the group, can do so by entering our discord server:
Curie curators are also welcome to check out the posts of our members!


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Long time no see you I also hope that this community will grow to help newcomers like us. try up


Thanks mate, we all hope so!


How can i join, please guide

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